Andis CeramicEdge Pet Grooming Clipper Blades

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Dependable, long-life steel blades with ceramic cutters. Advanced formula ceramic cutter stays up to 75% cooler than steel and provides increased durability and a long-lasting edge. Blades fit all Andis AG, AGC, BDC, DBLC, EBC, MBG, SMC clippers and are compatible with most major professional clipper brands.

  • Advanced formula ceramic runs cooler with a smooth finish.
  • Use less coolant and clip faster with less downtime for increased productivity.
  • Carbonized steel extends edge life and chrome finish resists rust so it stays sharper, longer.
  • Compatible with Andis, Conair, Oster, and Wahl detachable clippers.
  • Ideal dog clipper blades and for other medium-sized animals.

Fine-tooth Options
The Fine-tooth CeramicEdge detachable blade (noted with an 'T' or 'FT') features a unique tooth geometry designed to not only easily glide through hair, but also provide a precise cut with a smoother, cleaner finish, especially on feline hair. Enhanced with advanced ceramic technology, CeramicEdge stays cooler longer than metal blades so you can comfortably create your way grooming close coifs and detailed work. Fitting a wide variety of Andis detachable blade clippers, enjoy all the creative possibilities with the Fine-tooth CeramicEdge detachable blade.

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