AromaCare Grooming Sprays

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AromaCare grooming sprays by Professional Pet Products are infused with natural essential oils to calm and soothe the savage beast in your loveable dog! Use them between baths to keep your pet just washed fresh. The essential oils and extracts will soothe and balance the skin while deodorizing and conditioning the coat, leaving skin soft and the coat supple and tangle free! Use AromaCare sprays can also be used around the home to create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere for you and your pets. Simply spray in and around pet's areas and enjoy!

Documentation (Rejuvenating Argan Coat Repair Spray):

Documentation (Conditioning Cactus Aloe Detangling Spray):

Documentation (Brightening Juniper Spray):

Documentation (Soothing Chamomile and Oatmeal Conditioning Spray):

Documentation (Revitalizing Eucalyptus Freshening Spray):

Documentation (Calming Lavender Freshening Spray):

Documentation (Cooling Herbal Mint Spray):