Artero Stripping Knives

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Artero Stripping Knife: Coarse Blue

  • Coarse Stripping Knife
  • Wide teeth
  • Good for removing large amount of coat, for start of groom, jacket, etc.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and grip
  • Perfect for stripping the undercoat of thick-coated dogs

Artero Stripping Knife: Fine Red

  • Fine teeth stripping knife
  • Ergonomic handle curved for grip and comfort
  • Ideal for stripping the undercoat
  • Easy to use around head, ears, for finish work and fine stripping details


  • Artero Stripping Knife: Super Blade
  • Artero Stripping Knife with wooden handle
  • Versatile Stripping Knife
  • Thanks to the blade between its teeth it is suitable to easily pull rough hair as well as to eliminate undercoat
  • Able to work in high-density layers
  • Mostly used in Spaniels and Setters

Artero Stripping Knife: Trio-Trim

  • Stripping blade with triple function of great versatility
  • For Flat-Work, Stripping and Plucking