Blackworks 7" V Thinner 50 Teeth

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Blackworks 7" V Thinner 50 Tooth Thinners are premium finishing shears to help alleviate excess weight, soften lines, and blend between sections. These shears remove up to 50% of bulk and thin out sections of the body with ease.

Blackworks 7" V Thinner 50 Tooth thinning shears shears will work for all breeds, but are especially useful for grooming Poodles, Shnauzers, Australian Shepards, and other mixed breeds with thick coats.

More Features:

  1. Crafted from high quality VG10 Japanese steel
  2. Ultra sharp and durable
  3. Distinct look and comfortable grip
  4. Extremely smooth cutting action and results
  5. Branded polishing cloth & removable clear silencer included

The collection you’ve been waiting for! Blackworks shears are crafted with VG10 Steel, considered the “gold standard” of steel in Japan.

Created for groomers, these shears are of superior quality and workmanship with steel that offers legendary sharpness. Our high performing shears provide superb hand feel and include a full suite of sizes and styles to deliver exceptional results!

The distinctive design pairs silver matte finish and black matte coated Teflon resulting in a modern industrial aesthetic. Each shear is packaged in a reusable storing case and includes a polishing cloth.

This “soon to be your favorite” collection offers a full range of shears from 6” to 8.5” in straight and curved, thinners, and 3 chunker styles.