Chris Christensen Mark Slicker Brushes

$26.00 to $56.00

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The Mark Slicker brushes by Chris Christensen are beautifully handcrafted Beech wood slicker brushes with a shape that does all the work for you and provides less stress for both the groomer and the animal.


  • High grade steel pins for less coat damage
  • Ultra-soft, extra flexible cushion with 1/4" foam base
  • Shape and contours of handle do all the work for you
  • Unique shape means your wrist is no longer at a constant angle


Do any of these products compliment the Chris Christensen Top Cat Line?

The Mark V and X Slickers

Groom your cat with ease using our Mark V and X slicker brushes. The round, ground comfort glide pins make a difference that your cat will appreciate.

The Mark I Slicker

Made with the same comfort glide pins, as the Mark V and X, the Mark I is a slightly larger brush for feline grooming. Great for larger cats and denser coats.


BrushHead width (in)Body length
Mark I Extra Small Slicker2 1/2" head6 1/2" body length
Mark II Small Slicker3 3/4" head6 1/2" body length
Mark II Small Slicker (Red)3 3/4" head6 1/2" body length
Mark III Medium Slicker5" head7" body length
Mark V Triangle Slicker1 1/2" head8" body le(more...)