Chris Christensen Brushing & Styling Milk for Doodles

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  • Dilutable 8:1
  • Designed for Doodles
  • Ideal for curly, damaged, or unruly coats
  • Fragrance & dye free
  • Great for all coat types


Smart Style The Cure Brushing and Styling Milk is a moisturizing creme that smooths the cuticle for easy combing. The Cure helps to prepare the coat for styling and increases manageability - perfect for taming unruly, curly, dry and damaged coat.



Start with damp or dry coat. Apply 2 pumps to palm, rubbing between palms to emulsify. Smooth through the coat, from root to tip, working into the coat with your fingers. Use a comb to evenly distribute. Continue styling as usual. USE AS A SPRAY: Combine 8 pumps with approximately 10 oz of water. Shake vigorously. Spray on desired areas of the coat, being sure to cover the eyes when necessary.