Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Gel

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  • Natural feel and lift
  • Zero weight
  • Non-flaky and moldable

Use Thick N Thicker Volumizing Gel to build up volume in a wet coat, then dry to shape. Shape brows, top knots and furnishings with ease! Also an excellent base for chalk!


Apply a small amount into palm and massage evenly into damp or dry coat. Blow drying will give the greatest volume and thickness. For a full coat - Apply to roots and comb or brush through to distribute evenly. Blow dry while brushing in opposite direction that the coat lies until almost dry, then brush in the direction you want the coat to lie until dry. To create a smooth coat - Apply evenly from roots to ends. Using a flat brush, blow dry smooth from roots to ends. To hold style in place - apply small amount and let dry naturally.