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Dog Shammy Clean Coat Microbubble System

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  • No Chemicals!
  • Cleancoat Technology
  • Over 6 years of research and development
  • Made in the USA!

Treat skin issues with only clean tap water! Dog Shammy’s Cleancoat Technology produces billions of tiny bubbles into the water that are small enough to enter the pores of the skin and hair. The natural negative charge of the bubble pulls out all the dirt, bacteria, and excess sebum! Included oxygen generator attacks and kills bacteria. Fight skin problems at the source!

Profit Analysis

  • 70% of vet visits are due to skin issues - with more occurring during the summer months
  • With the help of the Dog Shammy Cleancoat Technology, your salon should easily reach 50% conversion rate on selling a Cleancoat treatment to your customer
  • Cleancoat Technology is the only all-natural skin treatment that uses all fresh water
  • The assumptions below are based on a five day work week - adjust accordingly to your schedule
  • The treatment charges are estimates only based on standard practices and an easy sell. Some groomers charge as much as $35 per treatment.

Daily Grooms50% Sales RateTreatment ChargeDaily ProfitMonthly ProfitYearly Profit

Daily Grooms50% Sales RateTreatment ChargeDaily ProfitMonthly ProfitYearly Profit

Oxygen-Enriched Microbubbles: CleanCoat Technology is a new and natural way to bathe pets. It is not another shampoo or conditioner. Rather we use patent-pending technology to generate billions of oxygen-enriched microbubbles. These bubbles are less than 50 microns in size and are small enough to enter the skin and hair pores and remove impurities. Microbubbles generated by CleanCoat Technology continue to decrease in size, down to as small as 3 microns, and burst under the water releasing heat energy.

The oxygen supplied by the CleanCoat System accomplishes the following goals:

  • Oxygen is a natural cleanser - destroying bacteria - a major cause of odors and infections.
  • Oxygen-enriched microbubbles promote cellular growth by supplying these cells with energy.
  • Oxygen promotes healing.
  • Oxygen is a micronutrient and will assist with many metabolic processes in the skin including collagen and elastin production.

Negative Charge on MicroBubbles: CleanCoat Technology uses the “Law of Attraction” to grab the impurities and bacteria in the skin pore and carry it away. Each microbubble has a negative charge, called an anion, and attracts the positive charged bacteria and excess sebum lifting it away from the animal’s skin.

Exfoliation and massage by CleanCoat Microbubbles: Consider billions of tiny “loofas” gently exfoliating the skin. That is exactly what our microbubble technology does. These bubbles also provide a gentle massage effect as well.

Safe for all Pets: CleanCoat Technology uses only clean water to produce the finest hypo-allergenic cleaning system for all breeds of dogs and cats. Any and all skin reactions to chemicals are eliminated with our technology. CleanCoat Technology was developed for the professional groomer who understands how important healthy skin is to the health of your pet.

Owner's Manual:

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Amazing results

by Stephanie - | 10/4/2021 4:12 pm

Cleancoat is excellent as a compliment to veterinarian care for skin problems. Customers are asking for the treatment once they see the improvement in their pets skin. Some pets are even regrowing hair in bald spots. After a traditional bath with shampoo, we fill a small plastic tub up with the water and let the pet soak in the oxygen rich water. So much sebum and dead skin floats to the top that we keep the Cleancoat water running to overflow the gross stuff away. The results is an amazingly clean pet with less itching and faster healing. It's a win win.