Dogworx K9 Medic Kit

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The Dogworx K9 Medic Kit is designed to help you provide immediate care in the case your dog has an an injury or accident. It does NOT take the place of a visit to a veterinarian or professional help. For all injuries, accidents and emergencies, we recommend you contact a licensed veterinarian immediately.

The Dogworx kit gives you the tools for immediate first response in case of accident or injury. At just 2 pounds, and compact, you can take it anywhere you go with your dogs!

Be prepared, minutes matter.

We get it, dogs get into all kinds of situations, that's why it's critical for us, as their best friends and guardians to always be prepared; minutes matter. Especially when you're away from home traveling, camping, hiking or hunting.

What's in the kit?
90 items, strategically and intentionally developed with a licensed vet.

Complete with supplies that address the 5 most common injuries and accidents while adventuring with your dogs and much more.

Bag is highly water resistant, keeping your supplies safe and dry. Fully stocked kit weighs just 2 pounds.

Includes pocket field guide for quick and easy access to vital information, saving you precious time.