Double K Groomer's Edge Grimeinator Pet Shampoo 32:1

$9.99 to $38.99

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Double K Groomer's Edge Grimeinator is an extraordinarily versatile shampoo that achieves "Best in Show" results on your finest dogs, yet deeply cleans the dirtiest, smelliest animals gently and thoroughly. The humectant and emollient-rich formula softens skin, conditions hair, and allows for everyday use that leaves coats manageable and lustrous. Great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other animals.


  • Emollient rich formula softens skin and conditions coat.
  • Cleans the most difficult dirt and grime with long lasting results.
  • Leaves coats soft, manageable, and full of healthy shine.
  • Safe for everyday use.
  • Cleans even the dirtiest, grimiest, stinkiest animals.