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How Groomers Stay Busy During Quarantine

Free Education Classes

Level up with online free dog grooming classes and virtual education, videos, workshops, and events from pet and dog grooming big-wigs like Andis, Barkleigh Productions, Paragon School of Pet Grooming: Continued Education, and Learn2GroomDogs.com. Continued from our Coronavirus (COVID-19) learning tips and tricks to make you better in your career and more confident in your self-worth, we would like to continue to offer resources to help improve your grooming skills.

Andis Grooming Series

Who:Andis – popular for their fabulous grooming clippers, tools, and more!

What: Andis Grooming is offering four different Facebook live demo events for your viewing and learning pleasure. The at-home schedule offers four classes total: two in English and two in Spanish. They are offering Grooming a Doodle (4/9 @ 10 AM CDT) with Cindy Oliver, Andis Educator and Cattle Grooming (4/16 @ 1 PM CDT) with Kirk & Ky Stierwalt, Andis Educators. They are also offering Grooming a Westie (4/8 @ 1 PM CDT) with Alexander Zapata, Andis Education and Grooming a Cocker (4/14 @ 2 PM CDT) with Manual Graniel, Andis Educator in Spanish.

Where: Both versions will be available online. Click here for Spanish and click here for English.


Grooming a Westie - 4/8 @ 1 PM CDT with Alexander Zapata, Andis Education – Click Here

Grooming a Doodle - 4/9 @ 10 AM CDT with Cindy Oliver, Andis Educator - Click Here

Grooming a Cocker - 4/14 @ 2 PM CDT with Manual Graniel, Andis Educator in Spanish - Click Here

Cattle Grooming - 4/16 @ 1 PM CDT) with Kirk & Ky Stierwalt, Andis Educators – Click Here


Barkleigh Productions, Inc. – Free Online Series

Who: Barkleigh Productions, Inc. is offering different online certificate courses.

What: They are offering their most popular classes that will be filmed and edited beforehand to effectively convey the course information through slides and demonstrations. After the course is finished, there will be a live Q&A with the speaker.

Where: These classes will be offered in a private Facebook group.

When: The classes are limited, so as of right now they are full, but they will be adding two new classes in the next week or so. They start and run on every Sunday (with the exception of Easter Sunday – which will be open on Monday, April 13th). Groomers are able to register for these classes once they are added to the same website.

Once they are registered, they will be added to the private Facebook group for that seminar. The seminar video will be displayed in the group for 24 hours to view, and there is a live Q&A with the speaker. There is only one seminar per person, which includes the two new seminars Barkleigh will be adding soon.

Click here to learn more about the classes that Barkleigh Productions, Inc. is offering.



Who: Built with our Groomer Community in mind by Melissa Verplank, Learn2GroomDogs is focused on Groomers growing stronger! They currently host the world’s largest (and best) library of grooming videos and they are dedicated to helping Groomers find their success.

What: They are putting on a “Come Together Series – Help for Groomers During COVID-19.”. Melissa Verplank and Joe Zuccarello discuss how to prepare your business for a strong return post COVID-19. There are also several other free series topics such as human resource tips for grooming salons, coat brushing and dematting fundamentals, bath and brush fundamentals, tips for increasing your speed, interviews with the experts, step-by-step bow making, salon tours across the US, and finally, how to use the famous book Notes from the Grooming Table.

When & Where: Currently this is all available online for FREE here.


Paragon School of Pet Grooming:

Continued Education

If you feel that you would like to continue to invest in your future, Paragon School of Pet Grooming trains students on campus and online through their distance learning program. These are great options for those that are just starting out but they also have advanced classes if you’d like to continue to hone in on your skills.

On Campus Learning

Their state-of-the-art grooming facility is located in Grand Rapids Michigan and offers flexible program options and scheduling. Their experienced faculty will be there for you every step of the way. This learning is 90% hands-on through the following programs: Groomer Tech Program, Pet Groomer Program, Pet Stylist Program. 95% of their graduates receive job offers before they even finish their education!

Distance Learning Classes

Paragon offers the same programs: Groomer Tech, Pet Groomer, and Pet Stylist through distance learning. This web-based learning experience is the most comprehensive remote study course that has been developed for the pet industry! Through this program, an assigned Mentor will help you every step of the way. It’s perfect for salon owners to assist in training new employees.

If you are interested in any of the courses offered through Paragon’s Distance Learning Program, save $100 on your course with code RYANS100 at checkout.

Free Education Courses

Groomers of all skill levels are sure to learn something new from one of these classes! Thank you to Barkleigh Productions, Inc. and Learn2GroomDogs for sharing these wonderful resources with the community.

Thank you for reading our blog and learning how Groomers can stay busy during quarantine. We know being away from our coworkers, friends, family and (maybe most importantly) our clients’ dogs during this time can be a real drain on the soul. However, we hope that you can find some normality in your day by watching great grooming videos with adorable dogs! Please stay safe and keep your mind busy during these stressful times. When life gives you lemons… well you know the drill – watch a ton of grooming videos! Until next time – stay safe, Groomers! #GroomerStrong