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Groom Professional Almond Detangle Shampoo

$9.99 to $25.99


This Almond shampoo is designed to make grooming a little easier and specifically for tangled coats. Natural Almond Oil helps to remove odors and dirt but also remove matts, making combing and brushing the coat easier and kinder on the dog. It will also help protect the coat from further damage when brushing.

  • Coat Type - Medium-Long, Tangled Coats
  • Dilution 10:1
  • Helps detangle knots & matts

    • Additional Information:

      Groom Professional is fast becoming one of Europe's favorite pet grooming brands and shampoos are the driving force behind the brand's success. All shampoos are manufactured in the UK and use top quality ingredients. Many natural extracts are used in the production of the shampoos to ensure a top quality finish. Most of the shampoos are designed with a specific need in mind, meaning there is something for every groomer and breed.