Groomers Poodle Practice Mannequin and Full Body Coat Kit


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This set includes a Paw Brothers Groommers Poodle Mannequin and Full Body Coat. This dog mannequin is the perfect way to practice proper brushing and cutting techniques. Experiment with different body shapes in a low-pressure environment. Practical for new groomers and those trying to further their education.


To assemble the Poodle Mannequin, screw the 4 legs and insert the tail, eyes, and nose.

Dressing your mannequin:

  • 1. Take the model dog and the coat.
  • 2. Twist the legs around so they are pointing upwards.
  • 3. Place the coat, first over the head, then the legs and finally the tail.
  • 4. Twist the legs back into position, first the front and then the back legs.
  • Your model dogs is now ready for use.

Groomers Toy Poodle Mannequin15.75 inches4.72 inches14.17 inches