Heiniger Opal Li-Ion Battery Clipper

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The Heineger Opal cordless clipper is small and lightweight, with a cutting-edge ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand and allows professionals to work effortlessly through dirty and thick fur and hair. It is extremely quiet but impressively powerful, equipped with 3100 double strokes per minute in fast mode and 2600 in slow mode. The latest lithium-ion battery technology ensures these clippers will last all day with an impressive 240 minutes of runtime and a quick one hour recharge time.

  • Cordless, lightweight, and extremely ergonomic
  • 2 powerful speeds: 2600 or 3100 double strokes per minute
  • Lithium-ion battery runs up to 240 minutes
  • Fast charge time - only one hour to fully recharge
  • Built-in battery level indicator for convenience

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