Jelly Pet Belly Loop Restraint

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Jelly Pet Belly Loop is a unique restraining loop every professional should have in their grooming arsenal. Save time by taking control of dogs that can't or don’t want to stand during the pet grooming process.

The Belly Loop has two different size straps to fit all breeds and sizes of dogs and works with all professional grooming tables and tubs. It works best in conjunction with the Jelly Pet Grooming Loops to ensure dogs are secure and safe while being groomed on the table or tub. Belly Loops are waterproof, so you can also use them during bath time.

Professionals love the support the Jelly Pet Belly Loop offers because it can help them and senior dogs during a challenging groom. Pick from a variety of fun colors professional groomers have come to enjoy from Jelly Pet!

  • Be in control - The Jelly Pet Belly Loop is a great way to confidently groom and keep dogs in control while grooming or bathing.
  • Fits most grooming tables and tubs - Belly Loop comes in two sizes that fit all breed sizes. The easy, quick-release buckle allows you to unclip and groom the dog without having to take the entire loop off.
  • Support senior dogs - The Jelly Pet Belly Loop is excellent support for senior and arthritic dogs that can’t stand for very long. Since old dogs can prove challenging for professionals, pet groomers love their support during a difficult groom.
  • MADE IN THE USA: American made - manufactured in Ohio, assembled in Wisconsin

Why Jelly Pet?

Jelly Pet is made from a unique material called BioThane. BioThane’s strength comes from the inner core - a polyester webbing covered with a TPU (Polyurethane) coating, making it durable, flexible, and ideal for any environment where strength and cleanliness are needed. Its resistance to water makes it the ideal material for dog leashes and grooming loops. Go from table to tub and back again, wiping down between clients and sanitizing at the end of the day. Its durability makes it difficult to chew on and it will not fray. Best of all, it won’t hold water (or product). Cut hair will not stick. It dries quickly. No mold, no odors. Just a grooming loop that lasts.