Jelly Pet Waterproof Grooming Slip-Style Loop - 1/2" X 30"

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Go from grooming table to tub without switching grooming loops, Jelly Pet Grooming Loops are waterproof and mold resistant. BioThane is a coating that makes this slip loop durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. With this slip loop, you do not have to worry about mold build-up that most nylon material loops have. Take control of your dog with the Groomers Pro Jelly Pet Grooming Loop and groom with confidence. This loop is easy to use and fits all professional pet grooming tubs and tables. The grooming loop safely and securely holds the pet's head or haunches on the dog grooming table or in the tub during grooming, bathing and drying. The flexible slide is easy to adjust and release; sliding to fit small, medium, and large dogs comfortably. It will help prevent the dog from backing out of the noose, which won't tighten or loosen even on the restless animals. It comfortably helps control overly excitable pets from excessive moving, making it easier, pleasant, and quicker to groom dogs. Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Slip Loop is a humane, safe option for restraining dogs.

  • FLEXIBLE USE: Use the grooming loop to secure the dog around the neck or abdomen. Both positions hold the dog gently but snugly and keeps your pups secure so that you don’t need to fight them to stay in the tub while bathing.
  • STRONG, DURABLE, & PLIABLE: This original Jelly Pet Grooming Loop is stronger than leather! As a professional groomer, you can rely on American Made BioThane material.
  • REDUCE BACTERIA AND MOLD BUILD-UP: Unlike Nylon grooming loops, Jelly Pet Grooming Loops and Leads are waterproof and easy to clean. Making it great when working with multiple dogs in one day.
  • FITS MOST GROOMING TUBS AND TABLES: Simply loop your dog, slide adjustment and clip snap to tub or table. Fits all-breed sizes. Professionally tested and approved by the top dog groomers, veterinarians, handlers, and breeders!
  • SAVE TIME: Go from the bathing tub to the drying table without the need to change your grooming loop. You do not need to continually wipe down your loop or lead between bathing and drying.

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Available in: Hot Pink, Neon Pink, Red, Hunter Orange, Lime Green, Teal, Royal Blue, Purple and Black