KONG Crackles Scoopz Cat Toys - Assorted Colors

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Product Details

  • Crackly cone-shaped body sparks hunting instincts
  • Elastic-tethered top entices grab and capture play
  • Pull-apart design invites healthy wrestling

Get ready to witness the joy and excitement in your cat's eyes as they dive headfirst into playtime with this captivating catnip-enhanced toy. With an assortment of vibrant colors to choose from, this unique ice cream cone-shaped toy produces tantalizing crackling sounds that instantly awaken your cat's inner predator.

The elastic-tethered top features a feathered attachment that dances and flutters, providing hours of interactive entertainment. Your cat will love the challenge of trying to "capture" this elusive prey, sharpening their agility and hand-eye coordination in the process.

The KONG Crackles Scoopz Cat Toy has a pull-apart design that encourages healthy wrestling between your feline companions. Multiple cats can join in on the fun, engaging in friendly battles and enhancing their social bonds. The durable construction ensures long-lasting playtime, making it a fantastic addition to your cat's playroom.

Give your furry friend the gift of endless entertainment with the KONG Crackles Scoopz Cat Toys in Assorted Colors. Order now and treat your cat to the ultimate playtime experience!

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