Metrovac Air Force® Quick Draw® Pet Dryer - Variable Speed


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The Air Force® Quick Draw® with Variable Speed produces 10 times more blowing power than a human hairdryer and best of all it’s safe for all pets because there’s no heating element to dry out their coats or burn their skin. Will eliminate water from even the wettest and hairiest of dogs.

Whether at home or on the road, it makes drying and grooming effortless with its portable, lightweight frame, 1,000 Watts, and powerful 1.3 HP motor.

Drying a small dog? Dial down to low or up to high when drying a Great Dane. The advantage to variable Speed is the ability to vary airspeed and noise level from 0-100%.

With all-steel construction, this reliable dryer is built to withstand years of use.

Includes: a 6 ft. hose, 12 ft. power cord, air concentrator blower, air-flare, table mounting hook, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying and mobility.

You’ll always be prepared with the Air Force® Quick Draw® Portable Pet Dryer.

Accessories: 6 ft. Hose with Air Flow Control, Shoulder Strap, Air Concentrator Blower, Air Flare, and a Table Mounting Hook

DimensionsConstructionMotorAmpsWattsAirflow: CFM/FPMCordDimensions/Weight
Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer VariableSturdy All Steel1.3 Peak HP with Variable Speed Control8.3 Amps1000 Watts160 MPH/85 CFM12 ft. Cord4.5 x 7.5 x 9.75 inches / Just over 3 lbs.