Mr. Groom Magik Spray 5 oz

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Magik Pet Spray is a specialized Anti-Pathogenic formulation for dogs, cats and other non-aquatic animals. it is formulated to attack fungi and bacteria that can grown on your pet’s skin. It also has unique properties that break down VOC’s that cause objectionable odors. As a surface sanitizer it is unequaled. it can be used in cat litter boxes and to spray down pet carriers. Your dog, cat or small animal cage can be easily sanitized with a few sprays.

A few sprays on your pet’s sleeping blanket or padding will protect from harmful bacteria. Gently spray and rub on bare patches of skin to prevent scratching due to bacteria and fungi. Treat two times a day for several days and your pet will once again be your best friend.

Magik Spray can be used to treat external fungal infection on many animals, and it helps to keep bacteria away from cages, food bowls and more.

Magik Spray was scientifically formulated in the USA from all naturally occurring substances and contains no added chemicals or alcohol. it is completely biodegradable and nontoxic as per the MSDS sheet instructions available upon request.