NaturVet Bitter Yuck! No Chew Spray 16 oz

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For Dogs and Cats. Stops pets from chewing on furniture, paws, wounds, and more. Alcohol Free.

To most pets, Bitter YUCK! has an unappealing taste, making chewing on the particular sprayed object unpleasant and decreasing the unwanted behavior. Results may Vary. Monitor your pets reaction to Bitter YUCK! and be sure they are deterred by the taste before leaving them alone with the object being sprayed.

Stops Dogs and Cats From Chewing On:

  • Hot Spots
  • Summer Itch
  • Sores
  • Wounds
  • Bandages
  • Furniture
  • Drapes
  • Wood
  • Paws

  • Bitter YUCK! may be sprayed over topical medication

    Bitter YUCK! can be used on or around plants.

    Understanding Why Your Pet Chews:

    Pets chew for various reasons; teething, exploration, separation anxiety, boredom and stress. Chewing is a natural animal behavior, so the goal is to effectively train your pet to chew on appropriate objects. Be sure your pet has appropriate chewing toys.


    Spray Bitter YUCK! evenly on hot spots, summer itch, furniture, etc. Use consistently until undesirable habits are curtailed. Do not spray around eyes or nose.


    Deionized Water, Bittering Agent, and Citric Acid.