NaturVet Quiet Moments Spray For Dogs 8 oz

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Quiet Moments Spray for Dogs is formulated to simulate the type of canine pheromones that provide dogs with a sense of safety and well being. Your pet will find comfort in the light fresh fragrance.

Recommended for Use In:

  • Cars
  • Crates & Cages
  • Kennels
  • New Environments
  • Dog Houses
  • New Pet Beds

Ingredients: Purified Water, Special proprietary blend of Fragrance Extracts (Simulated Canine Pheromones), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Rosemary Oil and Clove Oil.

Directions: Do not spray directly on pets. Spray Quiet Moments once or twice daily into the area to be occupied such as enclosure, room, crate or car 5 minutes prior to pet entering. Do not spray directly on floor surface. Wipe excess liquid that may accumulate in enclosure.