Nature's Specialties Froth Tails Starter Kit



Bring frothing pet shampoos to your grooming salon with the Nature's Specialties Froth Tails Starter Kit! Kit includes:

  • 1 x Froth Tails Tangerine Gin Fizz Shampoo Gallon
  • 1 x Froth Tails Strawberry Frose Shampoo Gallon
  • 1 x Froth Tails Electric Frother

    Frothtails Shampoo

    Our innovative new high concentrate 50 to 1 shampoo is formulated to clean & moisturize and is enriched with nourishing olive and avocado oils. Froth or lather to activate and release natural emollients and antioxidants. Safe for daily use as traditional shampoo, as a frothed spa treatment or in bathing systems. Great for use in mobile grooming as frothing does not require a lot of water to create foam.


    Directions for frothing: Dispense a small amount of shampoo and water in a mixing container, mix thoroughly with Electric Frother until mixture creates a thick foam. Apply foam into coat from behind ears to tail or directly to heavily soiled areas for a targeted treatment. Massage and rinse thoroughly.

    Can also be used as a traditional high concentrate shampoo.

    • Directions for standard use: Apply direct or dilute with warm water up to 50:1. Massage shampoo into coat from behind the ears to rail and rinse thoroughly.


      Available in two “intoxicating” fragrances:

      Tangerine Gin Fizz or Strawberry Frose