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Nature's Specialties Lavender & Myrrh Deshedding Shampoo RTU 16 oz

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  • Ready to Use. Home friendly.
  • No Chemical Dyes
  • Amazing long-lasting scents.
  • Assortment option for your every need.
  • Reduces Shedding and Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Great for Long and Short Coats

Nature's Specialties Lavender & Myrrh De-shedding shampoo is a unique formulation which assists in removing unwanted undercoat to eliminate the mess of shedding we all try to avoid. The addition of Lavender Essential Oils soothes and cleans the skin while strengthening the hair follicles. Skin health is essential for a healthy coat and also allows for easier removal of undercoat with less stress for the pet and less mess for the pet parent. Like all Nature's Specialties home use products, this shampoo has been crafted to be gentle not only for the pet but also the pet parent.

Contains: Purified Water, Biodegradable Surfactant Blend, Conditioning Agent, Citric Acid, Panthenol, & Lavender Oil. pH Balanced.