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New Grooming Products You Won't Be Able to Live Without

It is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets and that includes listening to what our people who take care of pets have to say! We listen to what you have to tell us at trade shows, in customer service, and through social media. We collect all of this information and we work with our product development team & our manufacturers to come up with products that solve problems and meet your needs in the best way possible. You could say “you spoke, and Ryan’s listened.” Check out some of the new products available now at Ryan’s Pet Supplies:


Safe-T Grid Tabletop

We are very excited about our new Patent-pending Paw Brothers Safe-T Grid Tabletop because we take safety seriously! (Did you know all our equipment meets or exceeds the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Association (PPGSA) standards? Did you know we also partner with AKC S.A.F.E. Salon to promote safety in grooming shops? Now you do ) This patent-pending design was developed specifically for professional groomers, grooming schools/new groomers, vets, and competitive grooming.

Why? The gradient color pattern provides visual safety cues for the safest location for the pet to stand. It helps to prevent wander with a quick and easy visual cue to see if the dog is drifting from a safe position on the table making it perfect for new groomers.

We also included a 1-inch grid pattern that is great for cutting bandannas and ribbon or anything you could think to measure like poodle poms or any groom you want to get perfectly symmetrical. The 1-inch grid pattern is permanent, non-slip and reversible to solid black (so you won’t ruin it if you do any color work!).

Available exclusively at Ryan’s and now comes standard on all our Paw Brothers Grooming Tables. Shop all our grooming tables here, and if you already have a Paw Brothers table, you can replace just the tabletop here.


Tru Craft Bamboo Pet Toothbrushes

We personally couldn’t be more excited about these bamboo toothbrushes. We reached out to some of our groomer friends to see what was lacking in the grooming industry and we heard that groomers wanted more products that were environmentally friendly. Specifically, groomers felt bad about throwing away a single-use plastic toothbrush after each dog they groomed.

Well, in true Ariana Grande fashion, you want it, you got it! That’s why we’ve created ergonomic, single-use toothbrushes from bamboo. Bamboo is 100% natural and environmentally sustainable. These bamboo toothbrushes feature nylon bristles, and each box contains 15 large heads and 15 small heads for different size pets. The sizes are color-coded for easy visual identification and the packaging can be recycled or composted.

Pro Tip: Send the toothbrush home with your client so they can practice dental health at home.

Feel positive about your impact on the environment while helping clients maintain dental health. Shop our Tru Craft Bamboo Pet Toothbrushes here.

And stay tuned for the launch of more Simply Sustainable products from Tru Craft. All grooming tools in this line will be made from bamboo (stay tuned for more info!) and all coat care products will be dye-free, paraben-free, biodegradable, and safe for the planet.


Paw Brothers Facial Scrubs & Tear Stain Remover

We heard groomers say that they were looking for something that would gently exfoliate and hydrate while removing dirt, tear and beard stains.

This facial scrub & tear stain remover from Paw Brothers lightly foams for quick stain removal. It features organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which help moisturize dry and irritated skin, making this formula non-drying while it leaves the coat soft and shiny. Did you know that Aloe Vera has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties therefore making it soothing to the skin. We also added Vitamin E for its natural antioxidant effects that help nourish dry and itchy skin to restore the coats luster. Shop the 16 oz or Gallon sizes here.


Desert Sudz Hemp4Fur Dog Shampoo & Wipes

This is another line we have been working on for a while and are really excited to share. It features natural, plant-based ingredients. Hemp oil has many amazing properties like refreshing, reviving, and strengthening the skin and fur. It also helps fur maintain its suppleness while relieving dryness. Hemp oil is also known to naturally calm inflammation of the skin especially when combined with Chamomile and Calendula. Our proprietary blend of natural plant-based ingredients was developed to improve the overall health of hair and skin. Leaves coat with the sweet and sunny aroma of Milk and Honey. Available in a 16 oz or Gallon size here. We also have the matching Hemp4Fur Milk & Honey Pet Wipes (50 count) here


Desert Sudz Alcohol-Free Pet Ear Cleaner & Wipes

We heard that groomers wanted a pet ear cleaner that didn’t sting the poor pups so we created a ready-to-use, natural, plant-based formula with Witch Hazel to soothe, clean and disinfect pet ears while also being safe for frequent use. This alcohol-free ear cleaner provides instant, soothing, topical relief to pets suffering from itching caused by ear-mites, yeast infections, flea bites and other ear irritants. Since there are no harsh chemicals that cause drying or result in stinging, this will quickly become your favorite pet ear cleaner. Leaves the delicate aroma of rose petals. Our Desert Sudz Alcohol-Free Ear Cleaner is available in a 16 oz or a gallon here. This pet ear cleaner is also available in a 50 Count wipe for easy use here.


Value Groom Dog Shampoos

Our Value Groom Filthy Fido Dog Shampoo is an economical way to clean dirty, smelly dogs. Featuring a gentle deep cleanse that removes odor, grease, and residue, this pet shampoo leaves the coat with the pleasant scent of soothing lavender and orange blossom. Formulated with Aloe Vera (our friend from before), it won’t dry out skin or strip the coat and Jojoba Oil leaves the coat soft and manageable. 

Our next new economical shampoo for pets, Value Groom Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, relieves itching from dry skin and coats with Baking Soda and Colloidal Oats. Colloidal oats have been used for thousands of years because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This dog shampoo also soothes and deodorizes while Aloe Vera helps relieve dry, itchy skin. Leaves the coat with a fun and fresh Acai Berry Scent.


Thanks for checking out all the new grooming products we have been diligently working on! These have been a labor of love and we are very happy to launch them. We are thrilled to continue to work with groomers to offer the best grooming products possible to meet your needs.

Groomer Appreciation Month is right around the corner in March. We will have deals and promotions running so make sure you’re following us on Facebook & Instagram, you’re signed up for our emails (scroll down to bottom of our homepage and enter your email), and signed up for SMS messaging for VIP Access. We will have fun giveaways happening and more!