Little Stinker Poop Scoop Small Pan With Spade

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The Little Stinker Poop Scoop provides a convenient and comfortable way to clean up after dogs. Equipped with an adjustable handle that extends up to 44 inches in length for a comfortable height, pet parents no longer need to bend over for clean up. The spade and pan are made of a durable, heavy-duty zinc-plated steel that stays stronger for longer and is easy to wipe down or hose off for simple cleaning.



  • The dog waste scooper comes pre-assembled and ready for immediate use
  • Heavy-duty zinc-plated steel spade and pan are stain-resistant and stay strong for longer
  • The handles have built-in hook holes for easy and convenient storage
  • Slick metal material resists mess and allows for convenient cleaning
  • Pan Dimensions: 7" L x 6.5" W x 2.25" H