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Groomers Toy Poodle Mannequin

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High simulation effect. Easy to comb, nap, style, and cut. Perfect for groomers of all levels to practice shear techniques. Great to keep on hand for additional training. Mannequin is comprised of reinforced plastic.

To assemble the Poodle Mannequin, screw the 4 legs and insert the tail, eyes, and nose.

Dressing your mannequin:

  • 1. Take the model dog and the coat.
  • 2. Twist the legs around so they are pointing upwards.
  • 3. Place the coat, first over the head, then the legs and finally the tail.
  • 4. Twist the legs back into position, first the front and then the back legs.
  • Your model dogs is now ready for use.

Groomers Toy Poodle Mannequin15.75 inches4.72 inches14.17 inches

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Head hair covers won't fit the full body mannequin

by Betty| 7/9/2020 7:39 pm

Part 1. I like it better to have a full dog to work on, not just a single head mannequin. Positioning is different, and a whole dog gives a bit more realistic experience for my students. So this little guy looked a good deal. My unsuspicious and excited soul purchased this mannequin along with four headcovers (head hair) for my tutorial videos. After screwing it together, legs were moving great; it was easy. The fun part starts here. Since the full body mannequin looks just like the head mannequin, I felt it's safe to say the headcovers will fit. Boy, was I wrong. :D After an adequate amount of pulling, pushing, cursing, and screaming, I had to take a deep breath since none of the head hair covers fit. I had to make it work to be able to upload them to my online courses, so I sat down with empty hands to channel my creative muse.

Head covers wont' fit the mannequin

by Betty| 7/9/2020 7:41 pm

Part 2. A lightbulb went off, and I found myself sawing off the lower jaw of the little fella to fit the muzzle area in the mannequin's muzzle. It worked. :D Three more rounds of spicy words later, when I was finally able to find those little holes over the fluffy cover, then cut holes in the cover to stick the eyes and nose in the plastic, here I am, looking at a mop on all fours. Use a sparse slicker to loosen up the fluff. Otherwise, there won't be hair to work on. And give it a few days to stretch out from the vacuum-sealed bag. As a suggestion from a customer, I'd love to request to make the full-body mannequin fit the head hair as well and to have pre-cut holes on the head hair covers for easier installation.