Aeolian Dryer

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  • Variable speed and on/off control for heat
  • 17,176 FPM
  • 14.5 Amps
  • 120V Outlet
  • 1740 Watts
  • Hose is almost 10 feet long
  • Weight: 10.35lbs (with hose and nozzles all included)
  • 1 year Warranty

This is the most aptly named AEOLIAN dryer in the pet world! Incredible power, incredible value. This single motor dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers in this market. Its wind speed and blow force has to be experienced to be believed. This dryer is revolutionizing the world of single motor pet dryers. It’s versatile too. Mount it on the wall or stand mount.

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by Valerie| 2/7/2020 8:02 am

If you are purchasing this dryer because it has a heat setting don't waste your money, there is practically no heat that comes out, it is barley warm. I love the force that is blows when turned up to a medium speed, although I wish the low speed were lower

Perfect little dryer!

by Michelle| 7/5/2020 4:13 pm

This dryer is great!! No there's not much heat but that's good for me working mobile. It drys fast and doesn't get too hot

Great dryer, great price!

by Cindy| 5/8/2021 6:06 am

This is a great dryer! The heat is just right for the dogs. It’s compact but dries my standard poodle in no time! The hose gets almost to warm to handle so I turn off the heat less than half way through drying and I still have warm air to finish the job.

Perfect for dog show fanciers! Lightweight

by Julie Wangelin| 1/3/2022 9:50 am

Awesome lightweight dryer for my show goldens!!! The heat is just enough to do the trick but not hot enough to Damage their coats. Won’t blow your circuits like the more expensive models will!