Paw Brothers 48" Hydraulic Z Style Grooming Table

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Now Featuring: Our Patent-Pending Safe-T Grid Table Top

This revolutionary, patent pending, safety top offers a 1" grid for visual cues that help keep animals and tools safely positioned on the table. Prevent “wander” by being able to quickly see if a dog is drifting from the safest position on the table.


  • Safe-T Grid gives visual safety cues for safest pet location
  • 1” Grid is permanent
  • Great for training, grooming schools, vets, contest and show groomers
  • Reversible to solid black

Paw Brothers Hydraulic Z Style Grooming Table

The Hydraulic Z-Style Grooming Table uses a high-quality Italian style hydraulic pump mechanism and boasts a height range of 19” to 39". Perfect for smaller spaces and mobile use! The removable top with non-slip textured surface makes for super easy cleanup.


  • Removable Safe-T Grid reversible top
  • Ideal for small spaces like mobile vans
  • Z shaped base boosts stability and eliminates wobbling and tipping
  • Supports animals up to 200 lbs.
  • Leg levelers included
  • Lowers to 19 inches, Raises to 39 inches
  • Telescoping grooming arm with loop included
  • Table top made with MDF, made from pine fibers

This Professional Grooming Table meets or exceeds Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) Standards.

Paw Brothers 48" Hydraulic Z Style Grooming Table48 inches24 inches19-39 inches

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Good so far, but not as short as advertised

by Dave Tribby - | 6/26/2017 2:44 pm

Table looks and works great so far. Only discrepancy is the listed table heights. You'll only ever see 19" if you leave the leveling feet off. With the feet mounted at their shortest, the table sits at 21". Mind you, you also get those 2" back on the top end too, but every inch at bottom makes a difference when loading big pups.

5 Years and Going Strong

by Tammy| 9/20/2019 5:32 am

I purchased my first Paw Brothers table in 2014 and as the business grew and we added more groomers, we needed more tables. I now have 4 of these hydraulic tables and they are very sturdy, no mechanical troubles, but we have had to replace the grooming arm on one or two of them.

Great table for the price

by Chrystal| 8/6/2021 6:20 pm

I bought 2 tables in 2017 and 4 more in 2021 during the pandemic “groom boom”. The tables from 2017 are an inch taller so groomers did squabble over them. They are thicker framed and better built with a larger hydraulic chamber but I can’t take away from the table it is amazing for the cost. The purple tops are cute but the color comes off when you clean them or are scratched away by dog toenails. The tables are up to our hips, not really very tall most groomers sit to groom small dogs so they don’t have to hunch or reach. The new table top is nice because they eliminated the wood bottom which use to soak in urine if a dog had an accident and you couldn’t get it all up before it leaked into the underside. I paid $650 and then the tables jumped to $799. Not sure if I like the height enough to buy more at a higher price point yet but this may be standard for our industry.