Paw Brothers Super Low-Low Electric Grooming Table

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Now Featuring: Our Patent-Pending Safe-T Grid Table Top

This revolutionary, patent pending, safety top offers a 1" grid for visual cues that help keep animals and tools safely positioned on the table. Prevent “wander” by being able to quickly see if a dog is drifting from the safest position on the table.


  • Safe-T Grid gives visual safety cues for safest pet location
  • 1” Grid is permanent
  • Great for training, grooming schools, vets, contest and show groomers
  • Reversible to solid black

Paw Brothers Super Low-Low Electric Grooming Table

This is one of the lowest grooming tables on the market. Save yourself the trouble of wrestling with big dogs! Removable top with non-slip textured surface makes for super easy cleanup. Adjustable down to a low, low 11 inches.


  • As Low as 11 inches (Range 11- 42 inches Height)
  • Magnetic movable foot controls-move wherever you need them
  • Heavy Duty Motor Rated for 250 lbs
  • Removable Safe-T Grid Reversible Top
  • Easy Walk On and Walk Off, Even for Big Dogs
  • Leg Levelers Included
  • Powder Coated Steel Base
  • Full Overhead Grooming Arm with 2 Loops Included
  • Newly Redesigned and Improved Grooming Arm Holder Is Fully Integrated Into the Table Frame and Is Reinforced With Solid Steel. Internal Steel Threads Ensure a Secure Fit.
  • Two AC Outlets (15A, 125V)
  • Two USB Ports (DC 5V, 2100mA)
  • Six Movable Organizational Hooks
  • Accessory Drawer
  • Table top made with MDF, made from pine fibers

This Professional Grooming Table meets or exceeds Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) Standards.

Motor Information:

  • The AMP draw from the motor (table going up and down) is 1-3amps
  • The power receptacle is rating up to 15amps, but NO dryers should be plugged into this
  • If you're using a clipper plugged into this power receptacle that draws 3 amps, then in total, using the clipper while table is moving is a max draw of around 6 amps

Paw Brothers Professional Low-Low Super Electric Grooming Table48 inches24 inches11-42 inches

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10 Reviews



by Laura M - | 3/20/2018 7:16 am

Saw this table at Groom Expo 2015. Purchased it immediately and love it. I specialize in large breeds and this table is perfect. My 15 0lbs dogs just have a low step to get on the table. My back LOVES this! Highly recommended, I have not had one mechanical problem with it the whole time and Ryan's is great on answering any questions on had.

Excellent table

by Michelle Hovanek| 6/16/2018 8:07 pm

Love this table,works well and the full grooming arm is great.

Quality table

by Buffalo N.Y. - | 6/21/2018 6:33 pm

Bought this table for the large dogs and saving my back. The table came prompt and well packaged.The table is nice and sturdy and nice to work around.the motor is nice and quiet and table goes up and down smoothly . Great for nervous dogs,the hooks are nice and the outlet on the table is a great idea.My complaints on this table is when the arm is all together it is very difficult to adjust by yourself, and the cord is way to short unless you have a plug on the floor.the cord is an easy fix, the arm will be your frustration. I use an arm from a different table. So far so good!

The BEST table EVER!!!

by Carol B.| 8/7/2018 6:11 am

I bought this table from Ryan's about four months ago, and all I can say is WOWEE!!! It's the best investment I ever made. Its up 'n down movement is so smooth with ZERO noise that my dogs don't even know it's moving. The only complaint I have (and it's very minor) is the sharp edge of the plastic pull-out tray so I had to file that down a bit. Other than that, everything else is perfect. Look no further groomers, you have found your perfect table. Highly recommend!!!

Pain in the neck

by kate - | 9/26/2018 1:46 pm

The table is self works well. but the over head arm is a pain in the neck to adjust to different heights. you have to go back and forth to get it the right hight and then do it all over again to raise or lower it. not worth the trouble. very disappointed

Freddie, Temple of Groom AZ

by Excellent Pro Table| 10/27/2019 3:16 am

Bought 4 of these for all my stations and they are super stable, no wobble at all, very smooth movement with pedal operation and whisper quiet. Doesn't make the dogs nervous at all.

Great table

by Lauren| 3/9/2020 11:10 am

The foot pedals are much preferred over hand switches that we have on other tables. I would have preferred this table with a smaller table surface size, but aside from getting used to such a large table it is great. The low feature is great. Dogs just step right up!

Works great!

by Paula| 8/9/2020 9:22 pm

Love this table. Works beautifully. Having the table go down to such a low level is so nice. My dogs hop right on. Cleans well and I like the little drawer and hooks for hanging tools. I added casters to mine and it's so much easier to move around when needed. I asked a million questions before buying this table and Ryan's customer service people were so patient. They're an excellent company and I will continue to do business with them.

Just buy the table. It’s the one!

by Cilla| 5/24/2021 2:18 pm

Love this table! I did a ton of research and decided on this one. SO glad I did. The table is big enough for all of the big dogs, but it’s plenty comfortable for the small dogs too. I love the removable foot pedals and outlet as they are very convenient. The over head grooming arm took some getting used to, but now I don’t want to groom without it. This table definitely goes VERY low. I added the caster wheels but it still goes plenty low enough to allow dogs to step right on. The table top pops out for easy cleaning but stays put otherwise. I bought this instead of a Shorline table. Ryan’s Pet was super awesome in getting it to me, and their customer service is A1.

Fantastic Table

by Vicki| 1/7/2022 7:13 am

I love this table. It goes down very low and is quiet. The table is stable and gives dogs a firm place to stand. I have 2 mobile grooming trailers a d ha e this table in each trailer.