Paw Brothers Clear Pet Shampoo 32 oz Mixing Bottle with Top

1 – 11$3.99
12 – 35$3.19
36 +$2.89



  • Save money by saving shampoo
  • Save shampoo by diluting properly and taking the guesswork out
  • Save time by mixing bottles each morning to use throughout your day

A true must for everybody who mixes shampoos. Mixing bottles save you money. Plain and simple you mix and use only what you need. 32 oz. Bottle fits in the palm of your hand; graduated from 1:1 thru 20:1 and good for any concentrated product. A smart product that will pay for itself over and over again! Get ready for the day by premixing your bottles.

Care and Maintenance:
  • Don't mix shampoo ahead of time, always mix the day you will use it. This is because concentrated shampoos start to break down as soon as you dilute it and bacteria can grow. You may notice if you keep a mixing bottle of shampoo for a week that the shampoo will start to stink and decay.
  • Clean at the end of every day. Bacteria build up can cause skin problems for your dogs and your clients' dogs.
  • Leave bottles upside down overnight so they can thoroughly dry.