Paw Brothers Safety Grid Table Top PURPLE

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The latest addition to the Paw Brothers collection, our new patent-pending Safety Grid Table Top is here! This replacement table top will soon come standard with all of our Paw Brothers tables and will be available as a replacement table top.This innovative, patent pending design offers visual cues that help keep animals and tools safely positioned on the table. Prevent "wander" by being able to quickly see if a dog is drifting from the desired position on the table. Great for training new groomers.  The 1' grid pattern helps groomers keep those poms even and proportionate. Measure and cut ribbon, verify shear sizes and get perfect paw placement for a show dog stance. Top is reversible with grid on one side and solid black on the other. Fun color gradient looks great and offers additional visual cues. Both sides feature non-slip textured surface.



  • Patent pending one of a kind design gives visual safety cues for the safest location for pet to stand during grooming visit
  • 1' Grid pattern is permanent and will not wear off
  • Great for grooming schools, new groomers and vets
  • Great for contest and show grooms
  • Table top made with MDF, made from pine fibers. With a non-slip coating.


Small - 36 in36 inches23.25 inches
Large - 48 in48 inches23.25 inches