Professional Stainless Steel Modular Dog Cage - Full Bank


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This 3 level bank features rounded corners and is built with 2 large cages on the bottom level, 4 medium cages on the second level and 5 small cages on the third level. Large cages can be divided into medium cages with included dividers. This full bank accommodates large, medium and small breeds.


  • Premium, High Quality Professional Stainless Steel Modular Cage
  • Rounded corners and solid walls eliminate areas where germs can grow, creating a more hygienic environment that is easier to clean and sterilize
  • Top grade SUS304 Stainless Steel ensures these cages will be durable and long lasting
  • One-handed locking system makes it easy and safe to lift dogs out and lock the door at the same time
  • Doors are made of 8mm and 6mm stainless steel rods to ensure safety, security and durability
  • Casters make it easy to move cage for cleaning and convenience

Professional Stainless Steel Modular Dog Cage92 inches26 inches85 inches
Small Cage18.5 inches18 inches21 inches
Medium Cage23 inches26 inches29 inches
Large Cage46 inches26 inches35 inches