Compact Sweeper Kit - Dustpan & Hand Broom Set

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Quality Design: The mini hand broom is made with a premium engraved bamboo handle that feels comfortable in the hand. The dense, soft brush bristles are durable enough to pick up pet accidents or fur without scratching surfaces. The dust pan’s soft rubber lip is sturdy and lies perfectly flat against the floor. The raised bar keeps debris from spilling back out of the dustpan.

Quick & Easy Cleanup: Handheld whisk broom and dustpan are must-haves for any home. These cleaning essentials are easy enough for kids to use. Wisk away spills, debris, and dust off the floor in moments with no fuss.

Compact: The high-quality dustpan and hand broom are designed to be small and portable. The mini broom handle snaps into the dustpan, and the yarn loop allows for compact and easy hanging storage on a hook.

Multipurpose: This dustpan and brush combo is ideal for sweeping up messes in both indoor and outdoor settings, from your hardwood kitchen floors to your car, camper, furniture, and other upholstered seats. Effectively sweeps away hair, pet messes, spills, and more.