TruCraft Professional Dental Kit With Mint Spray & PB Gel


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TruCraft Dental Kit ($120.85 Value). Available with the purchase of a grooming tub. Kit includes (5) TruCraft Dental Gel, (5) TruCraft Dental Spray, and (5) Box of TruCraft Bamboo Toothbrushes – 30 count.

TruCraft Dental Gel
TruCraft Dental Gel 4oz helps support pets' oral health and gives them fresh breath - no brushing required. Dogs can't resist this peanut butter flavored gel that removes plaque and tartar safely and effectively while cleaning using the antiseptic properties of Manuka Oil.

TruCraft Dental Spray
Fight bad breath and promote overall dog dental health with TruCraft Dental Spray. TruCraft's mint-flavored spray uses the antiseptic properties of Manuka Oil to naturally freshen your dog's breath. Use once or twice a day to complement brushing or alone for easy daily maintenance and improved dental hygiene.

TruCraft Bamboo Toothbrushes – 30 count
That’s why we’ve crafted ergonomic, single-use toothbrushes from bamboo. Feel positive about your impact on the environment while helping clients maintain dental health. Features nylon bristles. Each box contains 15 large heads and 15 small heads for different size pets. Packaging can be recycled or composted.