Herm Sprenger ULTRA-PLUS Steel Chrome-plated Training Collar with Center-Plate and Assembly Chain

$40.99 to $56.99

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This ULTRA-PLUS Training prong collar is a classic version for professional dog training.

This dog collar offers more flexibility between the dog collar and the leash due to the swivel attachment design.

Please note: This ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar features a 1-ring design and swivel.

The ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar Size Suggestions:

For dogs up to 66 lbs 16 Inch (2.5 mm)
For dogs up to 77 lbs 22 Inch (3 mm)
For dogs up to 88 lbs 23 Inch (3.2 mm)
For dogs up to 155 lbs 25 Inch (4 mm)