Wahl 5 in 1 Diamond Blade

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Wahl’s ‘5 in 1’ Diamond blade for Dog Grooming is 40 times more durable than the original ‘5 in 1’ blade due to its unique DLC coating that is rust-resistant, protects the teeth, and requires less frequent sharpening. Easily adjust the lever on the blade to the desired cut length and enjoy quicker and more convenient clipping. Superior tooth geometry and blade technology stay cool while in use and help eliminate the risk of overheating.


  • Adjusts between sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40.
  • Compatible with Wahl’s Arco, Bravura, Chromado, Figura, and Motion clippers.
  • Ideal for full body clipping on small and medium sized dogs and cat grooming.
  • Stays cool while in use, eliminating the risk of overheating.
  • Works perfectly with the Wahl Stainless Steel Guide Combs for ‘5 in 1’ blades.