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Overview of the scheduled demostrations:

Cutting Trends-Asian Fusion

Today's trending cuts are coming in hot!

In this class, we will show you how to create the hottest and latest Asian Fusion looks. Gabriel Feitosa has built his impressive career on breed profile grooming along with creative trends and styling and wants to share his clipping and scissoring tips and techniques with all groomers. With a huge following of over 1 million fans on Instagram, learn how he creates the looks that are getting the most views in the grooming industry on social platforms.

In this ever-changing scene, you need to be equipped with the right skills to pull off any look your client requests. You will leave with another trick in your toolbox helping you feel more confident in your skills.

Creative Clipping and Finishing

Individualize Your Client’s Groom

Join in on this growing trend! You will learn how to efficiently create highly sought-after creative design styles. After finishing the initial haircut, you will learn how to systematically carve designs and add a splash of color in the coat to take the style to the next level!

Learn how to select the right tool and blade adjustment to execute precise lines and sharp edges for the result your clients are asking for.

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