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Are you a groomer of Felines?

Would you like to know more about moving past shave-downs and taking care of their coat and skin more effectively?

Learn handling techniques and use products to make our jobs easier.

Date: Friday, September 29th
Time: 10 am - 2 pm
Location: 1805 E McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027

Meet Melissa Hall
As a 2nd generation groomer, Melissa began her pet grooming journey with her mother & sister in Apache Junction, AZ. When not leading her team of stellar employees at her own successful salon in Yuma, AZ, she has Persian cats and her standard poodles she enjoys spending time with. In 2014, she moved into the world of cat grooming by completing her certified Master Groomer certification and beginning to show one of her Persian cats. Now Melissa shares her incredible wealth of cat grooming knowledge as a Wahl Animal Brand Ambassador, NCGI Certifier, and she hosts private grooming instruction at her salon for cat groomers from around the world. In October of 2023, she is expanding her current Yuma location, added another location for AZ's 1st Cat Exclusive luxury feline boarding and grooming facility.

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