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Groomers Toy Poodle Mannequin

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High simulation effect. Easy to comb, nap, style, and cut. Perfect for groomers of all levels to practice shear techniques. Great to keep on hand for additional training. Mannequin is comprised of reinforced plastic.


To assemble the Poodle Mannequin, screw the 4 legs and insert the tail, eyes, and nose.

Dressing your mannequin:

  • 1. Take the model dog and the coat.
  • 2. Twist the legs around so they are pointing upwards.
  • 3. Place the coat, first over the head, then the legs and finally the tail.
  • 4. Twist the legs back into position, first the front and then the back legs.
  • Your model dogs is now ready for use.

Groomers Toy Poodle Mannequin15.75 inches4.72 inches14.17 inches