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@GroomerWithMuscles' Favorite Grooming Products from Ryan's

Jason aka @GroomerWithMuscles blessed us last week with an interview on his experience being on HBO Max’s Haute Dog. Well, this week he blesses us with his favorite products that groomers can find at yours truly: Ryan’s Pet Supplies. Let’s jump right in!

Paw Brothers ComfortSharp Curved 8.5” 7.5” Curved

ComfortSharp Shears, specifically the curved. #1, I love the curve on it. It’s tremendous. If you’re talking about doing Asian fusion, and you want a curve, these are perfect. They have a great curve for the muzzle, the top knot, and the ear shape. Everything. It makes it so much easier without putting a lot of strain on your wrist. It’s less movement for the groomer.

Paw Brothers ComfortSharp Straights

I like the razoredge, I like that they always last me. I’ve dropped them at least 10 times and they’ve made it through. I haven’t sharpened them in the last four years (eek!) and they have remained very sharp. And they fit perfectly in my hand. I don’t need to use the rings, but I have larger fingers than other people.

Paw Brothers ComfortSharp Thinning Shears 46 tooth

It calls to me, it just says “blend me, Jason”. It erases all the edges. It’s like a magic erase. It removes any mistakes I might make and smooths everything else. It blends so well I don’t need anything else in my life. If I make a mistake, I know that’s my eraser and I can fix it.

Paw Brothers Double Sided Extra Firm Slicker Brush

It puffs dogs up really well, it helps get mats on Doodles, Yorkies. Basically, anything with matts down to the skin. It helps take them out with easy and fluffs up the dogs nicely.

Paw Brothers Magic Spring Undercoat Rake 3.5"

My second favorite. Helps remove all the hair from Huskies and any other double-coated dogs. I use them on corgis, and we do a lot of st. Bernese mountain dogs, chows, anything double coated.

Paw Brothers Flea Comb

I don’t use it for fleas, but it helps remove the eye boogies. It helps with facials and it can also help with mini matts. It helps take them out and get any that the brushes or combs can’t get to if the teeth are too wide apart. These teeth are really close which makes a difference.

Paw Brothers Pet Nail Clippers Small, Medium & Large

The small ones are good for cats, puppies, or dogs with small toes. The larger are better for thicker, larger nails like a Great Dane or Rottweiler.

Paw Brothers Paw Styptic Powder

Saves me a fortune and stops the bleeding in an instant before it creates a bigger mess. Stops the bleeding before it creates a bigger mess. As dogs get nervous, they bleed more and more so to stop the bleeding instantly is a game changer.

Perfect Groom Whitening Shampoo 32:1 Gallon

I love this. It makes the coats whiter or blacker brighter. It makes them shiny and sleek no matter what color the dog is. It makes it look like you gave them a jerry curl. Like all slick and shiny. Did you give my dog waves? Tehehe. Yes I did.

Perfect Groom Oatmeal Shampoo 32:1 Gallon

I like this because it helps with itchy skin and makes them smell good at the same time. A lot of oatmeal shampoos don’t have a scent, so I like that this adds a pleasant scent as well.

Double K Groomer's Edge Re-Furbish Conditioner 4:1

This is my favorite conditioner. You leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse it off. It leaves the dogs soo soft, it helps with shedding, and it helps loosen up that under coat. When you rinse it off, the dog feels like a brand-new pup. It’s pretty much an all-in-one. Even if they have itchy skin.

Paw Brothers Perfect Apron

I love this apron, every time I flex, it pops off but you know, that happens. It dries quickly, it keeps my clothes underneath from getting soaking wet. It’s very comfortable, it’s very durable. Honestly, it’s just the perfect thing for any groomer that doesn’t want to feel hot under a jacket. Mine has lasted over 2 years. We had a Pitbull that was trying to mate with me and he was biting at the apron and he couldn’t rip it apart but he was trying. Between nails and water, I can’t believe it’s lasted 2 years.

Aeolian Grooming Dryer

I love the heat feature on this. It helps dry the dogs faster. When I use this in conjunction with the conditioner, it fluffs the dogs up nicely and makes all my haircuts better, especially if I dry them all the way through. I would say it’s definitely better for small/medium dogs. It will help you achieve the haircut that you want.


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