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22 Hilarious Lies Pet Parents Tell Groomers

You’ve been there before. Client comes into your shop and is trying to explain away some problem with their dog that usually boils down to they weren’t taking time to brush their dog, etc. No shade, that’s why we as groomers are here to help! But wouldn’t it be nice if the owner DIDN’T try to lie their way out of their shame? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were just honest? However, it does make for some pretty interesting stories …

1. She got pulled over because she was speeding and passed an ambulance in her way -@whitneyrobis

2. They said we cut their dog on a review after they missed their appointment – @shovel_dan

3. I de-mat my dog all the time, it’s not that difficult – @aaron_vet_groomer

4. We went away for the weekend and left the dog with a friend now its completely matted – @aaron_vet_groomer

5. He had fleas? Whaaa? That’s weird cause I totallllllly gave him that TROPICAL treatment 🌴(She meant topical) – @itsbrittjohnson

6. Doodle ran away from her dog walker and got stuck in a tree and that’s why she was matted – @lorrithegroomer

7. I just found this dog that’s why he/she is in bad shape – @vida_pet_grooming

8. Dog was infested with fleas, all of a sudden, it’s not even their dog, it’s their neighbors 🙃 – @groomingbymarian

9. He’s matted because he fell in the car when I hit my brakes 🤣 – @dragonbornk9s

10. Her dog got pregnant because I expressed anal glands. I must have “opened something up” – @yolibanda

11. It rained that’s why they’re matted. And it barely sprinkled for 5 minutes yesterday – @star_gazer66616

12. My dogs not matted it’s just because of quarantine – @macimooo

13. Dog got matted on the way to the shop cause it was sticking it’s head out the window 😂 – @macimooo

14. That a HEAVILY pelted coat (like 6 months of neglect) happened in 2 weeks because she Hasn’t been brushing him these past couple weeks, I don’t want him shaved either – @oggroomer

15. My dog was imported from Germany. That means he doesn’t need vaccines – @hannahemmaline.grooms

16. A cocker came in with the bone to his dew claw broken off, only being held on by skin. He was so matted that I couldn’t see until I shaved it. Pet parent said he was limping because “his paw got stuck on a toy yesterday, he will be fine” the wound was at least a week old. When I found it and called the PP, they insisted I continue service. Of course I refused until the dog had medcialo attention - @haleyevekayla

17. Her hair is curly and has to stay that way so I don’t need to brush. -@angelicadiaz817

18. My dog is (severely) matted (head to toe) because he stuck his head out the window otw 🤯 - @shaylastopknotchgrooming

19. “She touched me and got cancer too” (but it was because she smoked heavily) -@chuulily

20. Poodles don’t get fleas -@marsvolta1818

21. I brush him everyday but its raining today so he got matted walking in from the parking lot -@mermaidincle

22. Her dog is a search and rescue dog so there’s no way he would try to bite me 🤪 - @mandigroomsgreenville

Why would you try to lie to a professional? ~We see through your lies~ LOL. We know the amount of time it takes for your dog to become severely matted. But it’s okay because pet parents will never stop lying. We are just here to take care of their furbabies and put good vibes into the world.

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