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4 Tips for Raising Your Grooming Prices in 2021

Price increases are inevitable no matter what, in any business. When your utilities go up in cost or the cost per gallon of shampoo goes up, what do you do? You can make that up a few different ways!

1.   Add-on Services

The easiest way is to create add on items to your business model. These could include nail grinding, teeth cleaning services, product add-ons! (remember when that cost per gallon went up?) which could be facial scrubs, conditioners, flea shampoos, etc. After-the-groom photoshoots! Be creative and make it fun enough that your client will want to spend extra money on it. 

2.   Raise the Price of Grooms

The next is raising the price of the grooms. This is a hard one, especially for the clients who have been with us for a long time. It can be a difficult conversation to have but essentially, as the pet professional, we have to charge for our time. Sometimes, these price increases can reflect more on the larger dogs that we see in the salon. I like to think that in the amount of time that I groom one large dog, I could do two smaller dogs in that same amount of time. So that large dog should be the same price or more, than those two small dogs combined. Sometimes this price increase can just be a blanket 10% increase across the board. 

3.   Tell Clients Beforehand

When doing any kind of price increase or adjustment, I have found the best course of action to be to let the client know beforehand. This may mean you post it to your social media accounts, do an email blast or individually tell each client as they are scheduling their appointments. But I can guarantee that you'll have a much smoother interaction with your client when they know before they take their credit card out!

4.   Discuss Your Education

A lot of times, we as groomers, hesitate to talk with our clients about our education background. Don't be bashful to boast about any seminars you've attended, or grooming shows you've competed in! Those little things can be a feather in your cap and can also be another helpful way to raise your prices when the time should come.


Amanda Aaron

See Spot Grooming and Daycare


Amanda Aaron is a National Certified Award-Winning Groomer. She spends most of her time in the salon teaching students the trade of safe and professional pet grooming. Her extra time outside of the salon is spent raising three children with her husband, Josh. As well as raising and showing Bichon Frise. Follow Amanda’s See Spot Grooming and Daycare on Facebook here, follow her personal account here, and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram here.

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing these tips. Groomers constantly message us inquiring about the best ways to raise their prices. We hope that your advice will ripple throughout our community, encouraging groomers to ask for what they are worth.

Know yourself, know your worth, Groomers!

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