iGroom Deshedding + Detangling Shampoo

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iGroom Deshedding + Detangling Shampoo helps loosen tangles and unwanted undercoat and prevents new ones from forming. A unique blend of ingredients including Argon oil, Vitamin E & multiple extracts, rejuvenates dry coats while adding shine and volume. Natural ingredients list helps balance skin and fur pH, leaving a fragrant mango perfume scent. For best results, use iGroom Deshedding + Detangling shampoo together to maximize deshedding and detangling efforts.


  • Loosens tangles and unwanted undercoat
  • Prevents new tangles from forming
  • Recommended to balance pH for pets
  • Moisture provided with Argon oil, Vitamin E, and other natural extracts
  • Recommend Dilute Rate 16:1 (For tough mats, use full strength)