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Groomers, Look Your Worth!

Hey there fellow groomers, Amanda Fouche, AKA The Fit Groomer here! Things are about to get brutally honest. Let’s talk about work appearance!

Lately I’ve been allll about rebranding myself as a grooming industry educator, and as a professional pet stylist inside of the salon as well. Because- the way you present yourself IS your brand. Not only through videos or photos on social media, but in the salon too! We all want to make money doing what we love. But, more importantly, to get there, we need our clients to see the value and quality in their grooming experience with us as groomers as well.

As a client, if you walked into your salon on any average day, would YOU want to pay YOURSELF top dollar? Think about it. Would you? This question is SOO important because you have to LOOK your worth. As pet stylists, we want our clients to pay premium pricing and tip us well for the work we do. Professional presentation and good hygiene are both extremely important factors in how customers view our brand and our business- whether you’re a salon owner or a pet stylist. Pet owners are looking to take their dogs to people they feel comfortable with. We can’t walk into work 5 minutes after waking up, throwing our hair into a messy bun, with the morning breath in full effect, while still wreaking like last night's cocktail hour expecting a $20 tip for Bella’s haircut- let alone a return client. It’s time to step it up and LOOK the part y’all!

We all have our days where waking up and making an effort to look our best just seems POINTLESS (only to get wet dog hair blown into our faces and anal glands squirted in places we would prefer not to discuss). So, trust me when I say, I am by no means trying to be judgmental in any way- because trust me- I feel that “ehh I’m going to get gross today at work anyway so why even bother” vibe more often than I’d personally like to admit! But luckily, it doesn’t take much, because Ryan’s has some AMAZING products to help us out! There are some truly awesome smock options out there for all body types- like these pictured below!


Tikima Belina Grooming Shirt

Here I am wearing a black and red Tikima Belina Grooming Shirt. This smock has an elegant design, which can easily be paired with jeans or leggings. I love that it’s sleeveless, so you’re not overheating in the salon on warm summer days! This smock is mildly form fitting, so I would recommend sizing up for those looking for a loser fit. Overall, this smock looks very professional and stylish. 


Loyalty FurResist Grooming Tank

I absolutely LOVE wearing this Loyalty Pet FurResist Women’s Grooming Tank under my everyday grooming smocks- particularly ones with mesh backing. It’s very lightweight and fits true to size. This Loyalty tank is so breathable that you can even catch a gym session in it after work 😉


Paw Brothers Scrub Top

As pictured above (or below), I am wearing this super comfortable, yet professional Paw Brothers Scrub Top, exclusive to Ryan’s Pet Supplies. This is by far one of my favorite smocks because it is lightweight, easy to move around in and the pockets are nice and deep for random grooming tools that may make their way in there throughout the day! These smocks do run a little large, so if you prefer a more form fitting smock, be sure to size down ☺️

I personally love having a variety of different grooming smocks and leggings to choose from because as a full-time groomer, I like to switch it up and style my outfits according to the weather and just what vibe I’m feeling for the day. It's a total game changer to feel good in your work clothes. Having that fierce certainty in your appearance gives you more confidence in yourself AND your work performance! So, groomers- know your worth, look your worth, and go slay your workdays (aka, make that money honey)- in STYLE! (Insert mic drop).

Until next time,


Amanda Fouche