Meet Our Staff

What makes Ryan’s Pet Supplies great? There are many pet grooming distributors brands out there but what sets Ryan’s Pet Supplies apart is the people, our staff. At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, our mission is to take care of people who take care of pets. We take this mission seriously because we ourselves are pet lovers! As you’ll see, many of us have our own dogs, cats, and more that we live to take care of (#IWorkSoMyPetsHaveAGoodLife). It takes a village to get your products to your door. Meet the "village" that helps you with your questions, orders, and more! If you’re ever at a tradeshow or in our showroom, come up and say “Hi!” We’d love to meet you! We are here to help you.

Warehouse & Fulfillment Manager
27 years

Cartier oversees all fulfillment functions from inbound to outbound by working with his department leads. He also works on finding better processes so our customers can have a better experience with our company. CJ has seen this company grow along with this industry and he's happy to be a part of it.

He enjoys anime & sci-fi movies/shows that deal with space and AI.

CJ has a Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Polar that's off-white and 10 years old. He is grumpy and anxious. Then there's Oreo, a Pitbull/Mastiff mix. She looks just like her name and she's still in the puppy phase. Hide your stuff - she's a chewer!

General Sales Manager
22 years

Michelle loves working with the Ryan's family, meeting our customers, and petting all of the dogs! She couldn't imagine working anywhere else (she guesses that's probably obvious based on how long she's been here)!

She was a social worker in a past life. She loves to cook and dress up in crazy outfits to run 5 & 10ks.

Michelle has 2 boxers, Thelma & Louise. They are adorable and make her laugh every day.

Pet Group Human Resource Manager
16 years

Nancy manages HR functions for the Pet Group. She has been involved in showing dogs all of her life.

Nancy has 2 Boxers and 2 Frenchies, all are either current or retired show dogs competing in conformation and performance events.

Sales Associate
Over 15 years

Gary has been a Sales Associate for the past 15 years. He enjoys helping customers place orders over the phone or through our website and helping with existing orders. During this time, he has accumulated what some would call a "fan base". A lot of customers specifically call for him to help them with whatever they need.

Since Gary moved here from Texas, his favorite fast foods are Whataburger, Wingstop, Church's Chicken and Dickey's Barbecue. He does like other places, but those places are his favorite.

Shipping Lead
5 years

Debbie oversees shipping and always makes sure the outgoing orders are packed accurately and with care.

She loves doing puzzles and Legos and taking her daughter places.

Debbie has 7 pets! Jane, her Labrador, loves squeaky toys. Sophie is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix who loves to give an overflow of kisses. Bella, Yoda, and Murphy are Debbie's female cats and they all have an addiction to catnip (lol). Last, Sony and Taz are both her male cats and love climbing their cat towers.

Brand Marketing Manager
5 years

Casey collaborates on all things marketing. She enjoys speaking with groomers and discovering how we can better improve their lives and grooming experiences. She recently started assisting with the AZPGA. Working at Ryan's has been incredibly fulfilling and she is excited to continue contributing to the pet industry.

She loves Cheezits and all sorts of crunchy snacks.

Casey has a 9-year-old Pomeranian, Bijou, that enjoys product testing and coming to work on occasion. You might have seen Bijou at a past trade show. However, she has since retired from attending trade shows in favor of lounging at home.

Merchandise Buyer
4 years

Claire works with a lot of our international vendors and product development to keep our merchandise fresh.

Claire is a book influencer! Find her @clairevoyantbooks on Instagram, Tiktok, and Goodreads.

Claire has a 4-year-old Chiweenie/Terrier mix named Bodhi. He loves to sample new toys and treats. You can find him sunbathing most of the day.

Warehouse/Shipping Employee
4 years

Jessie works many positions. He’s forklift certified and all around the go-to guy in our warehouse. He is tall but very stealthy.

He has a 11-year-old rescue Mini Poodle named Bella.

Warehouse Employee
3 years

John stocks and organizes the warehouse as product comes in. He makes sure it is put in the right place so orders can go out on time for our customers.

He’s a huge movie buff; his happy place is the theater. John will even go watch bad movies just to be there.

He has a 3-year-old Basset Hound named Henry, a 1-year-old Terrier named Oliver, and a 2-year-old cat named Penelope.

Stocker, Picker, Packer
2 years, 9 months

Amare fills in as needed, whether it is with orders or helping customers!

He loves driving and he loves cars in general.

He has a Blue Gotti and Cane Corso mix named Oreo that's 5 months old.

Shipping Employee
2 years

Raul is a packer and works with the outbound team to ensure all packages are packed correctly and safely.

He is a musician and plays soccer.

Raul has a German Shepherd named Rocky. Rocky likes going on walks and chasing birds.

The Happiest Puller
2 years

Freddy helps our team pick orders and get them out to customers. He's the one to go see if you need a hug, a laugh, or a snack.

He likes to fold origami.

Freddy has a Chihuahua named Drogo, 2 Poodle mixes named Boston and Jackson, and a gray Tabby named Nebula.

Front Counter Customer Service
Almost 2 years

Kiana assists customers in our showroom. She enjoys answering any questions for all our customers who range from seasoned groomers to first-time pet parents. After working in dog grooming and daycare for years, Kiana finds Ryan's to be a great transition in the pet industry. She can use her knowledge while still getting to pet all the dogs!

She grew up in Hawaii and loves going to concerts.

Kiana has a very chill 15-year-old Ball Python named Nami and a crazy 3-year-old Catahoula/Pit mix named Goji.

Sales & Marketing Associate
1 year

Juanita is an experienced professional with over 11 years of dedicated work in the pet industry as a business owner and manager. As a Marketing Associate for Ryan's, her role is collaborative in promoting the products and services of pet businesses to a wider audience while also motivating pet industry professionals to think outside of the grooming salon. She also serves as the Social Media Manager for Ryan's. She helps industry professionals build their online presence and connect with the pet industry worldwide. Juanita is dedicated to helping pets live their happiest and healthiest lives while providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

Fun fact: Juanita LOVES pizza & could eat it daily (if life allowed). She is the pet parent to Nina, a 7-year-old Maltese mix who's makes associates & customers smile with her dyed fur and to Diamond, a 12-year-old bulldog who enjoys working from home.

1 year

In his own words, Ryan "stocks products for y'all".

He likes to work out and go thrifting. He has 3 cats named Homer, Coraline, and Sylvi.

1 year

Ty likes to stock at Ryan's. He likes to sleep and relax.

Ty has a Patterdale Terrier named Hoodie.

Shipping Employee
8 months

Ernest is responsible for making sure all ordered items are correct and packed well so the order can make it to the destination safely.

Ernest has a passion for music outside of work.