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Meet the Founder of iGroom: Jennifer Lee

In honor of the iGroom product line coming to Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we wanted to get to know the impressive groomer that started it all: Jennifer Lee. Jennifer started competing in grooming competitions in 2005 and has since won close to 100 competition awards. She is a member of Groom Team USA hall of fame and has taught classes and seminars internationally. We wanted to see how she got her start in grooming and hear where her inspiration came from for starting iGroom which launched at SuperZoo in 2018.

How did you come into grooming?

I had 3 dogs at one point in my life. After struggling for many years, I could not find a groomer who I could rely on. I decided to learn to groom so that I could groom my own dogs. I didn't think of going into professional grooming at that point, it just happened. I guess it is called FAITH.

How did you get into grooming competitions?

After my jaw-dropping experience at Intergroom watching the grooming contest, I knew that I wanted to be a competitive groomer so that I could prove to myself that the new career I chose was all meant to be. Also, in general, I am a very competitive person as well as goal driven.

Which titles, recognition, and awards have you been endowed with?

Hmm, that is a hard question to answer since I had received probably close to 100 awards during my competitive career. Every award has a story to me with unforgettable memories. But if I must name a few it would be Best in Show at Intergroom (4/8/2008), Best in Show at Groom Expo Hershey (2012), Best International Groomer of the Year Award at Master Groom England (2015), etc... If I could add one ultimately life-changing moment in my career was being a USA judge for the world cup grooming show in 2017 at Kortrijk in Belgium. And guess what? We won the GOLD that year!! ❤️

What would you attribute your grooming success to?

My husband Alex, who has been supporting me throughout my career, without his full support, I do not think I could have achieved what I have today.

Where did the inspiration for iGroom come from?

I have always enjoyed the beauty industry besides pet beauty. I also always dreamed of using my beauty passion and knowledge in pet beauty. I know how hard this profession can be physically and mentally and I wanted to develop quality products that could be helpful to everyday grooming. The more I learn chemistry, I get to understand the art in science which does fascinate me. To me developing a product is like creating art. As you have more knowledge of it, you can be more creative in formulating. A beautiful ingredient makes my heartbeat as I am in love.😍

Which iGroom product is your favorite?

Of course, all iGroom products are my favorite! There isn't a single product I care about less than others because each product was developed with a true passion of mine with science backing technology. If I must pick one would be Charcoal Keratin shampoo and conditioner because they made iGroom what it is right now.

Do you have anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself? 

This question is the most difficult one for me. (laugh) Well, I am a person with a passion for what I do. The passion is the engine that keeps me going.

What would you say to a new groomer just starting out?

The first one is Ying and Yang! Manage your work balance so you don't burn out since this job can be really challenging physically and mentally. The second is to reach out for help if you need support. This industry has many passionate kind people who are willing to give support whenever you need it. It's a wonderful industry.

We are so excited and proud to add iGroom to our offering here at Ryan’s Pet Supplies. iGroom has been highly requested by our customers. You spoke and we listened! Groomers and Pet Parents alike can continue to “Rely on Ryan’s” for all the best grooming necessities as we continue our mission to “Take Care of People Who Take Care of Pets.” Shop the entire iGroom collection now at the Ryan’s Pet Supplies website!