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Who's in Charge? How to be the boss of you!

Published by: Liz Hampton, 1/25/2023 3:07 pm

When you are a new business owner it seems like you must answer the phone every time it rings. It may sound like a good idea to accommodate every request or demand from new clients when you are trying to build. You may get anxious to turn away potential income if you say no to a demand. 

When you are inexperienced in the world of business it is a huge amount of pressure to make everyone happy (clients, landlord, family, etc.). The awesome part of being a business owner is you get to decide everything! The worst part of owning a business is you have to decide everything! But freedom comes with major responsibility. 

How I Became the Gun Show Groomer

Published by: Juanita Harris, 1/12/2023 10:41 am

What makes this industry unique is that many of us come from so many backgrounds. We may go to college, get a degree, and end up on a totally different career path. For Frazel Jefferson, owner of “The Gun Show Groomer” located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, he’s the exact example of adaptability and flexibility. With a career path that ranges from the Military, to working at a Root Beer Stand, Frazel used those opportunities to learn and create a foundation to pursue his passion; pet care. Overcoming obstacles is a part of most of our lives, and thankfully for Frazel, he used his obstacles for the greater good. We wanted to learn more about Frazel and how he became “The Gun Show Groomer” and here’s what he had to say. 

God's Plan: How Hard Work and Faith Helped Me

Published by: Zakayla Riley, 12/21/2022 9:52 am

For some of us, starting a business may be one of our goals in the New Year. However, the whole thought process of how to start, how to get money and how to have faith that it will all work can be the most daunting part of the process. For Zakayla, owner of Pawpin' Pawz Luxury Mobile Grooming located in Cincinnati, Ohio, keeping faith and perseverance was at the forefront of her vision of what being a business owner should be. We caught up with Zakayla to learn more about her vision for being a business owner and her journey to becoming one and here's what she had to say.

Competing for the First Time: What It Took to Get There

Published by: Kayla Scott, 12/7/2022 7:00 am

As trade show season quickly approaches in with Groom Expo West in California next February, some may have made the promise to themselves that "this is the year I'll compete." However, for many industry professionals, considering entering into competing may be something that fills us with not only excitement- but also anxiety too. Luckily for Kayla Scott, owner of The Groomery, in Waco, Texas she was able to overcome those mixed emotions about hitting the competition floor earlier this year at the annual Pet Pro Classic and Pet Quest tradeshows. We caught up with Kayla to learn more about her journey to the competition floor, and here's what she had to say.

The Impact of Social Media: My Journey in the Pet Industry

Published by: Reggie Moorer, 11/18/2022 12:30 pm

For many in the pet industry, grooming has been a blessing in disguise and also, a surprise to the overall impact that it can have on one's life. For our good friend Reggie, coming from a small town in South Florida and getting in some trouble in his younger years, pet grooming entered his life at a pivotal time while on probation back in 2018 and he hasn't looked back since. Since then, Reggie a.k.a. "Reggie Scissorhands" has established a prominent presence on various Social Platforms acting as a true inspiration and motivation to others. We sat down with Reggie to learn more about his story and journey, and here's what he had to say.

Taking the Leap: My Road to Business Ownership

Published by: Ashley Tilson, 11/9/2022 2:20 pm

Being a boss requires deciding to take a chance. You’re ready to go off on your own but you may feel scared, unprepared, and maybe even clueless. Thankfully, you are not alone, and you won’t be the first person to feel this way! It all begins with an idea and whether you have an amazing idea or just want to create a future designed around your own terms sometimes it’s best to just take the leap! We caught up with our girl Ashley Tilson, owner of Ash The Spooky Groomer to find out more about her journey to business ownership. 

Science in Grooming: How PetAg is Trailblazing the Industry

Published by: Dr. Dale Sanson, 10/31/2022 12:51 pm

Today’s market is overflowing with retail and professional pet grooming products. As a professional groomer, you must sort through so many options to choose products that effectively deliver cleansing and conditioning – both vital for the health, hygiene, and safety of the family pet. Fresh ‘n Clean® grooming products boast a long-standing history of science and safety for the consumer, groomer, and canine member of the family. Let’s dive deeper into some noteworthy attributes and distinguishing factors! 

Indulge in Some Grooming: All About the BioGroom Indulge Line

Published by: Juanita Harris, 10/12/2022 1:45 pm

Irrespective of where your dogs are walking or playing, there would be a significant amount of dust, burrs, and bits of grass that gather in the coat of your dog. It’s important that you don’t let any of this stay on. The problem worsens when these stay on and the dog gets wet. All of this ends up tangling the coat and the moist dust blocks the pores of the skin.

How Often Should I Take my Cat to the Groomer: Why Regular Grooming is Essential to Your Cat’s Health

Published by: Juanita Harris, 9/27/2022 10:37 am

Like many people, you may think since your cat spends hours a day licking themselves, they must be clean. If you never took a shower or brushed your hair, then it's safe to say that's what an ungroomed cat feels like. Just like dogs, cats benefit from consistent grooming. Regular grooming removes shedding fur and dirt. It also prevents matting and tangles and redistributes the natural oils. When people are knowledgeable about healthy ways to care for their pets, they’re more likely to make sure they get the consistent care they need. We caught up with Whitney Bullock, a Certified Feline Master Groomer, andowner of The Charleston Cat Groomer located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to explain why cat grooming is essential to your cat's health!

How to Tip Your Groomer: The Importance of Tipping Service Providers

Published by: Erinn Loren, 9/2/2022 1:05 pm

Contrary to popular belief; working in the service industry is hard. Many think that because a service provider is the owner of the business, that they keep all of the money that's earned when realistically, factors such as home and business expenses, payroll, taxes, supplies and more, all are deducted from the daily income.

Learn More About the Grooming Brand Groom Professional

Published by: Juanita Harris, 7/15/2022 2:07 pm

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Christie’s Direct, we want to highlight a brand of theirs that we carry, Groom Professional. We love brands who are innovative and progressive, and Groom Professional is one of those! Groom Professional is Europe’s fastest-growing pet grooming brand. With shampoos, conditioners, colognes, tables, and much more, this brand has everything a dog groomer needs for a busy salon.

Creating an Experience in a Service-Driven Industry: What Sets Dukes Grooming Studio Apart

Published by: Juanita Harris, 6/27/2022 10:10 am

Finding a great groomer can be tough to navigate as a pet owner. Especially when you have so many options that exist. Unfortunately, not all grooming salons are created equal. While some prefer the traditional cage-style experience, many pet parents prefer to bring their pets to a place where they can receive full attention in a relaxed setting. That’s why our good friend Duke, from Duke’s Grooming Studio Pet Styling in Chicago, branded himself to creating a luxury grooming experience and emphasizes the importance of implementing an “experience” vs a visit. We caught up with Duke to see if he’d share what makes him unique, and here’s what he had to say.

Why Being Your REAL Self matters

Published by: Brian Marshall, 6/16/2022 2:11 pm

In a white, female dominated industry, men are often underrepresented and normalized as groomers. In fact, men are often faced with mistrust and resistance from prospective clients due to stereotypes that associate men with animals. As a black male in the pet industry, negative associations from the media and lack of representation of positive relationships as black pet owners, often make it hard for Black men to excel. As a Black, Gay male in our industry, the job is harder, as one must be prepared to continuously prove themselves or risk the stigma of being labeled or stereotyped. As a prominent Black, Gay male in our industry, our good friend Brian aka “The Dog Barber” has endured his own set of challenges. While Brain can be seen in Vanderpump Dogs; a show featuring Lisa Vanderpump and her rescue and also Haute Dog, a Grooming competition series from HBO Max, the journey to get there hasn’t been easy. We sat down with Brian to learn more about his journey navigating the Pet Industry as a Black, Gay male and here is what he had to say.

How I Make Six Figures Playing with Dog Hair: 10 Step Guide to Start Your Pet Grooming Business

Published by: Janelle Russell, 6/2/2022 11:04 am

Janelle Russell is the owner of Chateau 4 Paws Pet Spa, located in Fayetteville GA. 12 years ago Janelle opened her shop and is still going strong today! Last year, Janelle made her publishing debut with her book, "How I Make Six Figures Playing with Dog Hair." In her book, Janelle highlights how she started her journey in the Pet Industry and how she created a path to lead her to optimize work life balance, while maintaining success. We caught up with Janelle to see if she'd drop some gems for her fellow grooming community and here's what she had to say.

The Great Doodle Hate

Published by: Candice Kurtz, 4/26/2022 4:04 pm

I’d been grooming three years before I came across my first Doodle, it was being called a “Boxerdoodle.” I passed judgement until we met. She had a Boxer’s face and body structure with long, wired hair and was loving. Next thing I knew, it was the Goldendoodle and then the Labradoodle. They quickly started to take over the schedule, and I was starting to become burnt out by doing so many. I knew I had to figure out just how to deal with their behavior and different coat textures. I could’ve become angry at the breeders, or pet parents for not researching and training their pets, but I decided to embrace them.

Meet the Founder of iGroom: Jennifer Lee

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 4/13/2022 2:37 pm

In honor of the iGroom product line coming to Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we wanted to get to know the impressive groomer that started it all: Jennifer Lee. Jennifer started competing in grooming competitions in 2005 and has since won close to 100 competition awards.

Keeping Cool in Cold Weather: Tips for Mobile Grooming in the Winter

Published by: Kioana Singleton, 3/22/2022 1:44 pm

This was my first winter as a Mobile groomer! Being a mobile groomer in the New England area has been trial and error for me. I converted an old school bus in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic to my mobile grooming salon. Since it’s generally VERY cold in the New England area, my day usually starts at 7 AM to check my pipes to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze overnight. Then I start my bus, turn the heat up full blast to start warming up the Pynk LaGuagua!

The 2021 Ryan's Pet Supplies Brand Ambassadors

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 3/1/2022 10:36 am

Here at Ryan’s Pet Supplies, each March we celebrate Groomer Appreciation. What better way to appreciate groomers than to introduce our 2021 Ryan’s Pet Supplies Brand Ambassadors? Each of these groomers is unique in their own amazing way and we are so excited to collaborate with them.

Fulfilling Our Mission at Ryan's Pet Supplies: Taking Care of People Who Take Care of Pets

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 1/26/2022 1:40 pm

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, it is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets. We truly enjoy taking care of our customers, their pets, and helping in anyway possible. We would say that’s why it makes Ryan’s such a great place to work! We really stand behind our morals and our mission statement. Throughout the end of 2021, we focused on several causes that we’d like to share with you including Adopt-a-Dog Month, our #RyansHappyHowlidays Campaign, and the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

Groomers, Start Saying Yes!

Published by: Amanda Hatfield, 12/28/2021 2:59 pm

Groomers, start saying yes. To trying new things. To continuing your education. To self-care. To encouraging others. Say yes to Grooming!

6 New Years Resolutions for Groomer Business Owners

Published by: Juanita Harris, 12/22/2021 12:36 pm

You did it! Congratulations on making it another year as a small business owner! As we head into 2022, now is a good time to reflect on your business' progress over 2021 and plan how you want it to move forward in 2022. Are you wanting increased success in the new year or more opportunities to enjoy the success you've achieved? Since 2022 adds up to six, here are six of my personal business New Year’s Resolutions for my small business owners!

The Best Groomer Investment is Yourself - Part 1: Invest in Your Body

Published by: Jennifer Mayer, 12/14/2021 9:48 am

I was content to live in my grooming comfort bubble and stick to what my mentor taught me. Same grooms, same tools, same results. But when the realization dawned on me that grooming wasn’t just a job, but a passion, my whole mindset changed and I sought to better myself in any way that I could. Reflecting on my career so far, it has become clear to me that the best options for bettering your grooming is to make investments in two major areas: your body and your mind. In my first blog, I’ll convey what it means to invest in your body. I like to break this into three important categories: Ergonomics, tool/product improvement, and physical self-care.

The Best Decision I Ever Made: Switching from Salon to Mobile Grooming

Published by: Joy Burton, 11/15/2021 10:05 am

The first few years of my grooming career were spent working in salons. Needless to say, there were many distractions that made the grooming experience stressful and, in some cases, dangerous. The phone was constantly ringing off the hook, customers were coming in and out throughout the day and there were 15-25 dogs being taken in at once, stored in cages all day while waiting to be serviced. While I am thankful for everything being in a salon taught me and prepared me for, leaving the salon life was the best decision I made for this career as it has given me a new appreciation for what I do.

My Rescue Dog and Body Language

Published by: Haley Galebach, 10/8/2021 1:15 pm

A year ago, I adopted Dakota. She is a Pomeranian and Husky mix. At the age of three years old, she was surrendered to a local rescue. When I saw her image on the rescue’s site, I knew I needed to adopt her. She was showing your typical signs of stress, lowering her body, wide whale eyes, tail tucked, panting, and ears pinned back. At that time, I was in the animal care field for six years and knew how to read body language.

“But I Brush Them Every Day!” - The Best Tools and Products to Prevent Matting

Published by: Magdalena Quitongan, 10/8/2021 1:10 pm

What tools are you using at home? Have you ever been given a proper brushing lesson?

Every dog groomer has heard these 6 words in this exact order more than once in their career. So, when was the last time this dog was groomed? How often do you brush at home? What tools are you using? Have you ever been given a proper brushing lesson? These are the 4 questions I ask the parent as the groomer every time I run into a situation like this.

The DIY Dog Wash: Friend or Foe?

Published by: Ronnie Hanley, 10/6/2021 9:27 am

I own a self-service dog wash. Contrary to your imagination, it is not an assembly line of dogs on a conveyor belt going through a car wash coming out clean. It's a place where people go to bathe, groom, and clean their own dogs. There are grooming tubs, tables, dryers, and many other supplies to help owners groom and bathe their dogs. I am a groomer and a boarding/daycare facility owner and I 100% believe in a DIY Dog Wash.

Bringing My Baby to My Grooming Salon

Published by: Déja Pearson, 9/30/2021 7:52 am

Since opening up on my Instagram (@truevibesunleashed) about taking my newborn to work with me, I have received an outpouring of love and support from the Groomer-Mom community! I usually post very cute pictures and videos of my son and I at the salon figuring out how to keep him happy, calm, sleep, and entertained while I finish pups for the day. Other mothers began in-boxing me saying I make it look fun and easy. The honest truth is: it's not easy at all!

Taking on a Groomer Apprentice

Published by: Mallory Knight, 9/22/2021 11:46 am

With the pandemic still going strong, a lot of salons have closed and there is a dire need for groomers. People are getting burnt out and there are more dogs than ever since it seems like almost everyone got a Covid Puppy. Salons are struggling to find reliable, experienced help and there aren’t many options available when it comes to education as most of it has become digital learning. The shop I manage the salon for decided to take on an apprentice with the hopes of mentoring someone into a quality, life-long groomer.

How To Enter the Blackworks Elite Showstopper Ambassador Contest

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 9/7/2021 4:33 pm

Many groomers are interested in becoming Brand Ambassadors and just don’t know where to begin. If this applies to you, we have good news! Blackworks is holding a Brand Ambassador Contest.

Cat Grooming Tools for Efficiency

Published by: Melissa Hall, 9/1/2021 12:06 pm

As a professional cat groomer choosing tools for feline grooming can be difficult in a dog groomers world of tools. It’s true, most tools for the professional groomer are meant for canines and grooming them. I have been a professional grooming cats for over 7 years now. What works on dogs, is not necessarily the best for felines. I was a dog groomer for many years, but many tools, let’s face it, are truly designed with a dog’s skin and coat needs in mind.

Our Experience with the 2021 Pup Relief Tour

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 8/24/2021 2:23 pm

What is it like to see “real good” done in your community? When we ventured up to Las Vegas, NV to assist with the last stop of the 2021 Pup Relief Tour, we knew we’d see the impact made by Brian Taylor and his fellow groomers on our community, but we were not truly prepared for what we witnessed.

Grooming While Pregnant

Published by: Déja Pearson, 7/27/2021 11:03 am

In September 2020, just shy of my 30th birthday, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I had already been negotiating the terms of my lease, and it wasn’t too late to back out. I could stay where I had built a full client list, had guaranteed work and not nearly as much responsibility. I was so close to everything I had worked so hard for that I decided there’s no way I can stop now. It was scary and exciting all at the same time.

Holistic Health for Groomers

Published by: Elly Linam, 7/27/2021 10:53 am

What does being healthy mean to you? Okay, we’ve gotten the eye rolls out of the way. Now, let’s ask a different question: what does holistic health look like to you? Was your first answer the same as your second? Because to me, health is holistic. Holistic health is health. In other words, all parts of you (“whole”-istic) are being cared for consistently.

All Aboard the Pup Relief Tour 2021

Published by: Brian Taylor, 7/14/2021 12:23 pm

The Dog Father of Harlem - Brian Taylor created The Pup Relief Tour in 2020 to help pet parents who are in need financially during the pandemic. He took 63 black groomers across America to groom 863 pups Pro Bono. He traveled across the country and stopped in 7 cities so far. He knows the pandemic is not over and there are people who still need help. He has recruited some good groomers to go on another journey to groom more pups. His mission is to bring people closer through the love of pups. His groomer pals are off to another adventure July 26th to Philly, Orlando, Birmingham, Fort Wayne, and Vegas. Their mission is to groom as many pups as they can.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Groomer Trade Shows

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 7/14/2021 12:12 pm

There are many reasons for budding and seasoned groomers alike to attend Groomer Trade Shows. Organizations like Barkleigh and World Pet Association put on a variety of groomer-specific trade shows that occur in locations all over America such as Groom Expo (in Hershey, PA), Groom Expo West (in Pasadena, CA), Super Zoo (in Las Vegas, NV). Let us walk you through our Top 5 Reasons for attending Groomer Trade Shows.

Attending the Iconic Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Published by: Allison Foley, 6/22/2021 12:24 pm

America’s second longest continuously running sporting event and second only to the very prestigious Kentucky Derby is none other than the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. For those who have never been, or those that have never heard of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, it typically happens in very cold February in New York City with the judging of the breeds happening at Piers 92/93. The group judging groups are the “finals”, and Best in Show, which is the crowning winner, happens at the historic Madison Square Garden.

Groomers, Look Your Worth!

Published by: Amanda Fouche aka The Fit Groomer, 6/17/2021 4:19 pm

The way you present yourself IS your brand. Not only through videos or photos on social media, but in the salon too! We all want to make money doing what we love. But, more importantly, to get there, we need our clients to

see the value and quality in their grooming experience with us as groomers as well.

6 Best Medicated Shampoos for Dogs

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/11/2021 10:46 am

Heal what ails your furry friend by choosing a medicated shampoo! Medicated dog shampoos can be used to treat all kinds of conditions, from dermatitis, to yeast, to everything in between. At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we carry a variety of products that you can use to keep your dogs happy, healthy, and looking their best.

Types of Dog Brushes and Their Uses

Published by: Allison Foley, 4/29/2021 9:50 am

Do you know what the four main types of brushes are? What makes one type of brush different from the other can be confusing, especially when brushes of the same type can vary so much in size, shape and color.

11 Authentic Marketing Tips for Building Your Ideal Grooming Clientele

Published by: Brittney Valle, 4/19/2021 11:53 am

As a professional pet groomer, I was not born knowing how to market myself to clients. I would wage that most groomers did not inherently have this knowledge, either. These few tips have tremendously helped me find my own personal identity and create a well-defined brand, as well as appeal to my “ideal” client. This has created wonderful boundaries for me professionally and has helped to prevent burn-out.

How to Socialize Pets During a Pandemic

Published by: Juanita Harris, 4/16/2021 3:51 pm

After working many years in retail, I simply became bored of how redundant the days became and how corporate upper management treated hard working individuals. I was working at a High-End store on 5th Avenue (New York City) a job I DREAMED of; and I honestly worked for a woman who was so degrading, but people tolerated her because of how much status she had within the company. It was the worst job of my life. I knew I needed a change. I quit and took a few months to regroup.

The Best Flea & Tick Preventatives for Pets

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 4/8/2021 4:33 pm

It’s about to be springtime and you know what that means: Flea & Tick season. There are several pests that pose a threat to our pet buddies but the worst of them can be treated with simple topical treatments or pest collars. At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we carry a variety of products that you can use to keep your pets pest free!

The Pressure of Getting the Perfect Groom Picture

Published by: Scotland (aks Scottie) Strain, 3/18/2021 9:18 am

As we scroll through Instagram, we see all these beautiful groomers displaying their magic. I used to hesitate posting my personal grooming pictures because I felt like they weren’t good enough in comparison. (If you feel this way keep reading!) 

Curating a Grooming Aesthetic

Published by: Bryanna Fretz, 3/8/2021 12:42 pm

While you’re here and I have your attention, I wanted to talk about all things aesthetic, style, beauty and yes *vibes* (side note - I love that word so much, I don’t even care how overused it is). Recently you may have seen that I was generously awarded the “Aesthetic as Fluff” award from the lovely Britt Johnson. Things like online style is something that Britt and I have talked about quite a lot over the years. To some, online “vibes” may not be a priority, they just enjoy posting photos and videos and I’m here to say that is 100% cool. This is not a place of judgement; this is a place to uplift and to celebrate individuality.

@GroomerWithMuscles' Favorite Grooming Products from Ryan's

Published by: Jason Whitsette, 2/24/2021 5:21 pm

Jason aka @GroomerWithMuscles blessed us last week with an interview on his experience being on HBO Max’s Haute Dog. Well, this week he blesses us with his favorite products that groomers can find at yours truly: Ryan’s Pet Supplies. Let’s jump right in!

@GroomerWithMuscles on HBO Max's Haute Dog

Published by: Jason Whitsette, 2/18/2021 2:26 pm

I honestly didn’t think I would make it onto the show. I know there’s a lot of groomers that are better than me. I’ve only been grooming around 8 years. And yeah, when I did the interview, I was excited to hear back from them and tell them that I’m going through the final process. I did another interview, and they were like “we love you, you’re in!

5 Tips for Better Groomer Photography

Published by: Emily Walker, 2/11/2021 3:06 pm

Photography is a groomer’s best friend. It is one of the best ways to create a client connection, showcase your talent and keep track of your personal progress. Your patrons will remember the extra time you took to take that beautiful picture of Fluffy. Every single one of them deserve the one-on-one attention that we can offer at the end of their groom. The few moments we take to put on their bow or bandana, spray them with some delicious perfume, sneak in a couple kisses, and set them up for their photo can create some of the most amazing memories with your clients. Here are 5 tips that will help create better quality grooming photographs:

Fear of Success and Failure in Grooming

Published by: Jilly Mucciarone, 2/4/2021 10:12 am

When creatives haven’t developed a strong sense of self, haven’t accepted ourselves as perfectly imperfect, and use others as a mirror for self-judgement, it’s a recipe for self-destruction. I don’t take it personally when my dogs slink off to bed instead of watching Well Groomed with me; and I no longer take stock in what other people say or do. How much time do you waste analyzing others instead of trying to better understand your beautiful imperfect creative self?

Opening a Mobile Grooming Salon During a Pandemic

Published by: Kristina, Owner of Bark & Lather Mobile Grooming Salon & Groomer Christian Toraya, 1/28/2021 3:11 pm

I have always had a love for animals specifically dogs. Having my own dogs and experiencing the struggle of finding a good reliable groomer and then the inconvenience of transporting them back and forth – I started to connect the dots that there was a need for an easy yet pampering experience for our beloved puppers.

New Grooming Products You Won't Be Able to Live Without

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 1/21/2021 1:43 pm

It is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets and that includes listening to what our people who take care of pets have to say! We listen to what you have to tell us at trade shows, in customer service, and through social media. We collect all of this information and we work with our product development team & our manufacturers to come up with products that solve problems and meet your needs in the best way possible. You could say “you spoke, and Ryan’s listened.” Check out some of the new products available now at Ryan’s Pet Supplies

How to Deal with Bad Clients

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, Grooming Community, 1/7/2021 1:23 pm

We’ve all been there before. Clients can be upset for a number of reasons. They’re mad the groom is wrong. They’re angry their dog had to be shaved when they didn’t brush them. They didn’t even show up to the groom and now you’ve lost money. Their dog has blood in their stool and are possibly trying to blame you. Whatever the reason may be, we can give you this advice: don’t let it get to you. And your groomer community is here to support you with words of wisdom.

4 Tips for Raising Your Grooming Prices in 2021

Published by: Amanda Aaron of See Spot Grooming and Daycare, 12/23/2020 11:26 am

Price increases are inevitable no matter what, in any business. When your utilities go up in cost or the cost per gallon of shampoo goes up, what do you do? You can make that up a few different ways!

How to Avoid Groomer Burnout

Published by: Ingrid Norman, 12/16/2020 3:57 pm

This time of year, especially, as our hands feel aches and swelling starts to appear, our bodies feel like a truck ran over it TWICE! and our hearts are tired, the thoughts of wondering “what if I tried something else?” get loud.

Holiday Self Care Tips for Groomers

Published by: Deja Pearson of True Vibes Unleashed, 12/10/2020 9:37 am

It’s ironic how the holidays can be a time of great joy and completely anxiety-provoking at the same time. The holiday spirit does a fantastic job of fueling us up to give the best of ourselves. Much like a car, it doesn’t matter how much gas we have in the tank. If we don’t maintain our bodies or push ourselves too hard too fast, we will crash right into a wall.

The Fit Groomer Healthy Holiday Tips

Published by: Amanda Fouche, aka @the_fit_groomer, 11/25/2020 1:04 pm

Happy holidays groomers! This time of year is one of the busiest, yet joyful times of the year for us at the salon. Clients are racing to get their fur babies in to look especially beautiful for holiday cards and gatherings, tips are generally much more gracious, and of course- tons and tons of baked goodies line the counters for staff members to enjoy.

Ryan’s Pet Supplies Team Highlight: Nancy from HR

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, Nancy from HR, 11/11/2020 12:15 pm

We are excited to do an employee highlight on our HR Manager, Nancy. Nancy has been with Ryan’s since 2006 and we are so excited to share a little bit of her story!

The Good, The Bad and The Furriest: Life of a Vet Groomer

Published by: Taylor Palmer, 10/28/2020 9:58 am

In a dream world all the pets we groom stand perfectly on the table and we play with puppies for the remainder of the day. In the real world we have some who love to be groomed, that it becomes an everyday part of life. Then we have others we remember more. Those are the ones that are fearful, that will bite or snap, that are wild and will not stop thrashing around. Usually they’re the ones who are not a good fit for salons. But, where do those clients go next?  

Tales from a First-Time Doodle Owner

Published by: Perla Liriano, Doodle Mom, 10/21/2020 3:53 pm

Never in a million years I’d think that one day I would be an obsessed Doodle Mom. It was not my choice – my husband fell in love with an Australian Labradoodle Dog he met locally and before we knew it, Bruno became part of our family.

Be Unique. Be Creative. Be Yourself. An Interview with Britt Johnson

Published by: Britt Johnson, 10/14/2020 10:26 am

I have always loved animals, in fact in the very same place I chose to set up my “Grooming Garden” this summer is where I used to have my childhood chicken coop and baby rabbits. If someone would have told me that in that same place a few decades later I would run my own professional business and people would be paying me to make flower crowns for their puppies, it would have blown my ten-year-old mind.

Dealing with Losing Your Best Friend

Published by: Kenny Leakan, 10/8/2020 11:39 am

Losing your best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. For me, it was my beautiful spotted creature whose soul I named Sprinkles. I first met Sprinkles on an Amish farm as a Sprightly little puppy. She was to be euthanized because she was deaf if nobody wanted her. I instinctively knew in my heart that she was the dog I had always wanted since I was 14, listening to Sublime and them singing about their Dalmatian. It was love at first sight as she ran to my arms and I took her home. Sprinkles inspired me to become more involved in the dog world. Although I was already a dog groomer I wasn’t as devoted to it as I am now. We went everywhere together, from car rides to camping adventures. She always had my back.

Keeping Cool During Grooming Competitions

Published by: Tristian Ranson, 9/29/2020 9:50 am

I often think about my first competition. As I was headed to the completion or a trade show, I was uncertain as to what to expect exactly, causing me to be a bit nervous; and is a clear reminder of how this all started. My friend Natalie and I made a pact to do our first competition together and we chose the Bichon. Many people thought we were crazy for choosing such a challenging breed, but our hearts were set on it and we were in love with the breed.

My Volunteer Experience with the Pup Relief Tour

Published by: Gloria Hardaway, 9/21/2020 12:50 pm

Partnering with local shelters, rescues, and black-owned pet businesses, the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour (PRT) is a nationwide initiative to help pups and pet owners who are experiencing hardships during these unprecedented times. Originally including a road trip for pop-up grooming events to 6 cities, the PRT has now grown ever larger. Gloria Hardaway aka @GloriaTheGroomer participated in the PRT and wants to share her experience with the grooming community.

How To: Educate Doodle Owners

Published by: Tasha Torres, 8/27/2020 9:50 am

As a groomer, when it comes to building a successful relationship with the dog you are grooming the number one step seems obvious, right? Train the dog to act accordingly on the table, in the tub, with the equipment, blah blah blah. Wrong (in my opinion – even though that is very important). Of course you have to train the dog, but you also need to train the owner. Even more so with “doodles” because almost everyone that buys them seem to be first time animal owners. It’s not a bad thing whatsoever! No matter how much learning they attempt to do on the internet – at some point they inevitably need the assistance of a professional. That is our chance to shine, to educate, and to build a relationship that will benefit not only them but us as well.

22 Hilarious Lies Pet Parents Tell Groomers

Published by: Various Groomers, 8/27/2020 9:49 am

You’ve been there before. Client comes into your shop and is trying to explain away some problem with their dog that usually boils down to they weren’t taking time to brush their dog, etc. No shade, that’s why we as groomers are here to help! But wouldn’t it be nice if the owner DIDN’T try to lie their way out of their shame? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were just honest? However, it does make for some pretty interesting stories …

5 Tub Dog Tuesday Tips

Published by: Kaylee Mae LaVae, 8/27/2020 9:49 am

Everyone loves a clean dog and since Tub Dog Tuesday is a big hit with groomers, I wanted to share some tips that I've found has aided me with dogs, old and young, in the tub. They may just aid you or a friend in a time of need. And as I have said, during this time of high stress in our society, a clean, snuggly puppy is what we all need!

Competing in a Virtual Grooming World

Published by: Helen Khom, 8/27/2020 9:22 am

While working in the pet salon I was getting a lot of good comments from clients and other groomers and that pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and take another step in my career which was grooming competitions. When I competed for the first time it was really stressful because I didn't know how everything goes and on top of that I have a language barrier. During that competition I felt so many emotions, met new people and learned a lot from the judge's critique that it made me want to compete again and again.

Pup Relief Tour: Celebrating Compassion & Diversity

Published by: Brian Taylor, 8/19/2020 10:48 am

When Covid-19 regulations went into full effect, Brian “The Dogfather of Harlem” Taylor had to make drastic decisions in order to keep his business afloat. He unfortunately had to let go most of his employees, he maxed out all of his credit cards and used up most of his savings to get by. When the word got around that Brian was in trouble, some of his most loyal clients begin to give Brian donations. They asked that the donations be used to help less fortunate pet parents. With the donations, Brian decided to create the Pandemic Pup Relief Fund. Through the fund, he raised $2k and he was able to groom countless NYC pups for free. Brian was so inspired by his client’s generosity and wanted to do much more, thus the Pandemic Pup Relief Tour (PPRT) was founded.

7 Grooming Tools I Wish I Discovered Sooner

Published by: Cris Tezanos, 8/12/2020 12:24 pm

I have been working with dogs and cats since I graduated high school in 2006 as a bather at a local boarding facility and recently got let go from an animal hospital. I started to groom on my own in October of last year. In these few months, I learned a lot about grooming and bathing. I had always stuck to the same tools: a comb, a regular brush, my 2-speed Andis clipper and straight shears. LOL. Now I know about all of the following tools that have greatly helped me refine my grooming techniques.

5 Steps to Mastering Any Skill

Published by: Paragon School of Pet Grooming, 8/5/2020 9:43 am

Learning to master skills helps us get ahead in our work and lives. To do this you need to have a deep understanding of the skill you are trying to perfect. You also need the dedication to put in the needed time and deliberate practice

Groomer Sherri Klose Supports the Community

Published by: Sherri Klose, Ryan's Pet Supplies, 7/29/2020 12:23 pm

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies it is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets. These times are uncertain for everyone and groomers are no exception. That’s why we are choosing one groomer a month to feature on our blog. This month, we chose Sherri Klose.

The Key Component to Success in Grooming: Connection

Published by: Lorri O, 7/22/2020 4:36 pm

Connection is the key component to success and fulfillment in the grooming industry. 

I was talking with a friend the other day who also works in the service industry and she mentioned something along the lines of, “When it comes down to it, we’re a business, and we’re selling a product.” Yes, we are a business. Yes, we are selling a product. But we are also connecting with people. We are connecting with animals. We are building relationships and our clients are trusting us time after time to take care of their beloved pets. So how do we reconcile the business aspect with the relationship aspect?

The Healthy Guide to Grooming

Published by: Amanda Fouche, Ryan's Pet Supplies, 7/15/2020 2:11 pm

There was a time where the words ‘healthy’ and ‘grooming’ were rarely used in the same sentence. That's because, let's face it- the grooming industry as a whole is a generally UNHEALTHY one! We are constantly trying to master our time booking appointments, bathing, and grooming dogs, checking out clients- ON REPEAT. But, what about YOU? We essentially get lost in the craziness and forget about the greatest asset to keep our businesses running smoothly, which is us- the groomer! And that just simply needs to change.

3 Yoga Poses for Groomers

Published by: Déja Pearson, Ryan's Pet Supplies, 7/8/2020 3:17 pm

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, our mission is to take care of people that take care of pets, and that doesn’t just mean fulfilling your supply orders! We are here to take care of your body and mind and maybe pepper in some humor and self-love along the way 😉. So, we’re here to provide some resources accessible to groomers for self-care. Déja has prepared 3 different yoga poses that are perfect to release all the tension in the places groomers hang onto it most and she would know best – she’s the owner of True Vibes Unleashed and a full-time groomer.

An Intro to Self-Care for Pet Professionals

Published by: Déja Pearson from True Vibes Unleashed, Ryan's Pet Supplies, 7/1/2020 10:37 am

Grooming is a physically demanding career. Between lifting large dogs, standing all day, and the repetitive motions that come with brushing and shearing, you can quickly find yourself in a world of pain. Groomer Deja Pearson, from True Vibes Unleashed says that you can avoid pain in the body with yoga and has even set up her own business to combine all of her passions of grooming and yoga. Follow us on this journey of self-care and self-love for groomers.

Reuniting Lost Dog with Mom & Dad + The Power of Social Media

Published by: Casey Ganz, 6/24/2020 3:03 pm

Many strays come to Ryan’s Pet Supplies. We are not sure if this is due to the area that we are in or if they can just sense all the dog lovers, but for whatever reason we seem to have a stray dog come around at least every month or so. The road we are on is very busy, and the LAST THING any of us want to see is a pup run over in the street 😧. Everyone at Ryan’s tries their best to corral dogs away from the road so we can catch them, bring them inside, and decide next best course of action (calling the owner, calling animal control, helping find a foster home).

Learning About Private In-Home Grooming with Rose & Friends Pet Care

Published by: Rose Agracewicz, Ryan's Pet Supplies, 6/10/2020 9:29 am

Everyone knows about brick & mortar grooming shops and mobile grooming. While mobile grooming has begun to take off in recent years, brick and mortar stores are probably the most popular. Owners are very familiar with dropping their dog off at the shop and then picking them up. For both elderly humans and pets or those that can’t leave their home, mobile grooming offers a valuable service by bringing the shop to the front yard. But is there a third option?

Community Outreach: COVID-19 & Ramshackle Roof Can't Stop WoofworX Pet Grooming

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, Neil & Azure Hensley, 6/4/2020 1:24 pm

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, our core mission is to take care of people that take care of pets. In order to promote this mission, we decided to give back to our community during COVID-19. We are giving $150 gift certificate to a groomer in need each month until the crisis is over. This month’s story comes to us from Neil and Azure Hensley from WoofworX Pet Grooming We are excited to share the next story of triumph from our groomer community. See below for how Neil and Azure made it through their crisis.

8 Things Any New Groomer Should Know: Starting Out Advice

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/28/2020 10:11 am

Maybe you were put out of a job because of COVID-19. Perhaps you decided you were done with your previous career and it is time for something new! You love animals, so why not grooming? Well, let us tell you, grooming is very hard yet very rewarding work. It takes a lot of training and education to cut it as a groomer (are we right)? But the benefits can outweigh the negatives for certain people. We reached out to the groomer community and we asked you! Here are some things that groomers said when asked “what would you tell someone that is just starting out?”

COVID-19: Why can’t I find what I need to Groom?

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/27/2020 2:37 pm

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had severe impacts on economic activities and has caused major disruptions in supply chains. This has impacted production and operations across all industries, including the Pet Industry. Ryan’s Pet Supplies’ leadership team and staff are working diligently with our suppliers, to procure goods, and up to date information to best serve our customers. As states begin to re-open, many producers of goods for the pet industry are still limited in their production capabilities, while additionally putting in measures to safely re-open and protect their employees’ health. Our supplier partners are working with us and using every resource available to them to expediently catch up with a backlog of demand.

The Wonder of Groomer Katrina Short

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/18/2020 3:35 am

We wanted to spotlight one of our favorite groomers, Katrina Short. Hailing from Northern California, many of you might know her from her creative grooming skills that she puts to work on Zeus and Kevin aka her Giraffedoodle and Zebradoodle. And if you don’t know who she is, it’s time to hop on the train: with 18.3k follower on Instagram and counting, she has quickly won over the hearts of groomers and non-groomers all over the world.

How To: Safely Reopen Your Groom Shop During COVID-19

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/14/2020 11:25 am

There has been such a debate in the groomer industry over when it is safe to start grooming again. While all states have different laws, we all know that groomers areessential and many of you have been on the forefronts of making sure that the government is aware of this. Of course, please listen to the guidelines put forth by your state. If they have declared it safe to open up your shop, just follow the proper techniques and guidelines for sanitizing and social distancing.

Getting to Know Celebrity Dog Groomer, Jess Rona

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 5/6/2020 12:16 pm

As part of our Groomer Appreciation, we’d like to spotlight Groomer Jess Rona. We found her Instagram and website sometime last year and were blown away by her creativity. We then met Jess about a year ago at Super Zoo and truly enjoyed high-end yet mellow, down-to-earth approach to grooming. We got with Jess to ask her a few questions about her career in the grooming industry.

How to Be #1 New Pet Parent: Puppy Checklist

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 4/22/2020 8:56 am

So, you’re a new pet parent, eh?! Well, let us be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to embark on a wonderfully rewarding journey. Adding a new member to your family is such an exciting experience but can be daunting if you aren’t sure what you might need. Well, fret not because at Ryan’s Pet Supplies our mission is to take care of people that take care of pets (and that includes you now!). We have created a checklist to make sure you have all the things you need to become #1 Dog Mom or Dad.

Groomer Community Outreach – Tara Kunsman Finds the Bright Side During COVID-19

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, Tara Kunsman, 4/17/2020 9:17 am

While there might be an end in sight, many are still affected by the COVID-19 situation. We have asked and received many of your stories on how you have been impacted. Reading through the stories submitted, each one of your stories touched our hearts. We are so grateful to be part of a community of strong men and women dedicated to pets and animal welfare. Our mission is to take care of people that take care of petsand your stories continually inspire us at Ryan’s Pet Supplies. The story that we chose this week comes from Groomer Tara Kunsman of TEK Grooming.

How Groomers Stay Busy During Quarantine

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 4/7/2020 11:01 am

While the global economy has experienced an unprecedented disruption that has affected everyone, including our beloved Groomers, our friends at Andis Grooming, Barkleigh Productions, Inc. and Learn2GroomDogs are aware that many Groomers are out of work yet are at home with nothing to do. That’s why they are offering these classes and certifications for FREE!

Community Outreach - Sara Claxton

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 4/1/2020 11:59 am

We never thought there would be a global pandemic that would span months, putting many out of work and destroying the global economy. Amidst one of the most challenging situations any of us have ever faced, we have seen our grooming community come together and support each other. We are so grateful to be a part of such a formidable community. Each and every day, you inspire us to continue our mission. Our mission is to take care of people that take care of pets.

Groomer Community Outreach

Published by: Michelle Austin, 3/21/2020 10:21 am

I’m sure like us you are overwhelmed with the weight of these uncertain times. The situation has us feeling very lucky to be part of a community of wonderful people who love animals and each other...

A Message to our Customers about Covid-19

Published by: Ryan's Pet Supplies, 3/18/2020 8:10 pm

The health and safety of our customers and staff are our number one priority, and we are doing everything we can to ensure we operate our business safely and efficiently; amidst the rapidly changing situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.