Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank

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A comprehensive and detailed instructive manual on grooming techniques covering over 200 different breeds. This highly detailed book offers full step-by-step grooming instructions, from basic to advanced techniques. Additional topics include guides to key grooming tools, fundamental grooming techniques such as bathing, and aspects of general canine anatomy. Includes detailed black and white illustrations throughout. A must-have for students and professional groomers alike.



  • Grooming instructions and illustrations for over 200 breeds.
  • 145 added pages!
  • A complete index to making searching even easier!
  • A completely remastered tools and equipment section, including new information on shears, brushes, clippers, stripping tools, and so much more!
  • Completely new metal guard comb section.
  • Updated clipper blade length section.
  • 2 new bathing and drying sections, including amazing instructions and illustrations.
  • New sections have been added that describe the historic function and design of each dog group.
  • 51 new breeds have been added, including Hairless and Rustic coats.
  • Includes detailed sections on classic Poodle and drop coat styles.
  • The entire book has new and updated breed profile styling.