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Opening a Mobile Grooming Salon During a Pandemic

Please tell us how you came into grooming

I have always had a love for animals specifically dogs. Having my own dogs and experiencing the struggle of finding a good reliable groomer and then the inconvenience of transporting them back and forth – I started to connect the dots that there was a need for an easy yet pampering experience for our beloved puppers. But the real magic for me was our business partner Christian Toraya – he is our “secret sauce”. The care and love he gives every dog as well as his professionalism and pride in his work is unparalleled. 

Christian grew up in San Diego. Christian’s Love for dogs started at a young age. He has been the dog dad of several huskies, in fact you’ll notice in our logo one of the images is of a husky, a lab and an English bulldog which represent our dogs. Christian is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a bachelors degree in business management. Together we have big plans to expand Bark And Lather as early as spring 2021 due to the overwhelming demand for pampered pups. 

What made you decide to open a mobile grooming business during a pandemic?

It was obvious to me that this was a pandemic free business because people were staying home and it felt safer to have a groomer come to you then to go to a store – with exposure to more people as well as other animals. We practice safety measures with masks, gloves and thorough cleaning of our van after every dog. 

What has been the hardest part of opening your store?

I am so grateful for the strong start we have experienced – the struggle has been a good problem to have – trying to fit everyone in!

What has been the best part of opening your store?

The most rewarding part of the business is hearing the amazing customer reviews about Christian and the regular loyal repeat customers because of the relationships he has built with both the customers and all of their pups.

What products did you purchase for Ryan’s Pet Supplies to help get you set up?

We purchased almost everything from Ryan’s – all of our shampoo – 4 different kinds – our grooming tools – scissors, clippers, deshedding tools, grooming table, nail grinder, dog wipes.

Take a look into Bark & Lather’s initial order that helped them get set up:

·     Andis Cordless 6-Speed Pet Nail Grinder

·     Choke-Style Grooming Loop 36" Assorted Colors

·     Paw Brothers Ez Grooming Loop 5/8" /24"

·     Happy Hoodie Ear Plugs

·     PremiumSatin 7 .5" Curved Grooming Shears

·     PremiumSatin 7.5” 3 Shear Set

·     Perfect Groom Hypo-Allergenic Tearless Pet Shampoo Gallon

·     Paw Brothers Paw Styptic Powder 3 oz

·     Automatic One Hand Liquid Dispenser 8 oz

·     Value Groom Pet Ear Cleaner 16 oz

·     Paw Brothers Pet Dental Kit

·     Paw Brothers Pet Nail Clipper Set - Small, Medium & Large

·     Andis Large Pin Brush for Dogs

·     Andis Dematting Rake

·     Andis Dematting Tool

·     Andis Deshedding Tool

·     Set of 3 Paw Brothers Soft Pin Universal Pet Slicker Brushes – Small, Medium, Large

·     Andis Clipper Oil 4 oz

·     Paw Brothers Premium Nylon Dog Muzzle Set

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#15) 3/64" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#10) 1/16" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#7) Skip Tooth 1/8" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#7FC) Full Tooth 1/8" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#5F) Full Tooth 1/4" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#4FC) Full Tooth 3/8" Cut

·     Andis Ultraedge Blade (#3 3/4FC) Full Tooth 1/2" Cut

·     Andis Excel 5-Speed+ Detachable Blade Pet Clipper with Super Blocking Blade – Blue

·     Paw Brothers Electric Z-Style Grooming Table

Do you have any advice for someone that is trying to open a mobile grooming salon?

We get the most compliments on our branding – our marketing/social media presence. We like to have fun with our customers and their dogs and feature lots of before and after posts. So, my advice is understand your target customer and make sure your brand voice reflects who you want to attract. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the grooming industry?

Thank you to all the mobile groomers who pioneered this concept and paved the way for us, we see you!

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