At Ryan's Sharpening and Repair Center, we sharpen and repair thousands of blades, shears, clippers and dryers each year. We are considered by many to be the best in the business. Trust our expert technicians to service all of your equipment and get it back to you quickly. We understand that well-running equipment is imperative to your business success! Lengthen the life of your blades, shears, clippers and dryers by sending them to us for servicing.

If you are not completely satisfied with the sharpening and /or repair of your equipment, we want to hear from you.

(800)525-7387 ext. 30231 or email Greg at [email protected]

Due to current high volume and COVID-19 safety protocols, please allow 2-3 weeks for repairs in addition to return transit time.  To prevent additional delays please ensure the shop has your current billing and shipping information so that they can process your order. 

Payment And Shipping Information
Pack items carefully to avoid damage in shipment. Please insure your package. 
Payment information is required before we can begin service. Your card will not be charged until service is complete. 
Return shipping and handling on most orders is $8.50. Due to weight, dryers will incur additional shipping charges . Send your items by U.S. Mail, FedEx or UPS to:

Print and fill out one of our Repair Forms below and send it with your items:



Other (Blades, Shears, etc)

Ryan's Repair Shop
1805 E McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

 Authorized Warranty Center
Our staff has received factory training at Double K® Industries, Oster®/Stewart® and WAHL® manufacturing companies. Ryan’s Sharpening and Repair is an authorized warranty repair dealer for Double K®, Oster®, Paw Brothers®, Value Groom®, Perfect Groom®, K9® Electric Cleaner, Heiniger®, and Kool Dry®

Blade Sharpening

Sharpening is done on factory-approved equipment, known as hollow-ground. This method allows more pressure at the tips of the blade teeth, thus eliminating dragging and jamming of hair. Blades will cut smoother & stay sharp longer.
Blade . . . . . $8.49 ea.
5-in-1 Adjustable Blade Refurbishing . . . . . 15.95 ea.
Large Animal Blade . . . . . 8.99 ea.
Blades are disassembled, cleaned, and then checked for worn parts. After sharpening, they are dipped in a blade wash, oiled, reassembled and checked for proper tension and alignment and string tested. All new customers receive a free reusable blade shipper box.

Regular Shear Sharpening (Beveled Edge - Non-Honed)

We offer precise, quality sharpening on all style shears. Are you a "Lefty"? Not a problem. Ryan's specializes in sharpening left handed shears. 
Regular Shears . . . . . $9.99 ea.

Shear Sharpening (Convex Edge - Honed)

We now offer specialty sharpening of higher quality convex edge shears. Our flat honing/horizontal sharpening will bring your convex shear back to factory quality.
Convex Sharpening . . . . . $21.99 ea.
Convex Blender/Thinner Sharpening . . . . . 16.95 ea.

Clipper Repair

Clippers are fully disassembled and cleaned when serviced. All worn parts are checked and replaced if needed. Ryan's is an authorized warranty service center for Oster®, Double-K® and Wahl® clippers.

Small Animal
Andis, Wahl . . . . . $24.99 + parts
Oster . . . . . . . . . . . $29.99 + parts

Large Animal
All Brands . . . . . . . . $29.99 + parts
Double-K Cable . . . . . 27.95 + parts

Dryer Repair

Keep your dryer in top condition. Ryan's services any make or model dryer. All dryers are cleaned and checked for worn parts. Ryan's is an authorized warranty dealer for Double-K® and K9® Electric Cleaner dryers. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Tune Up/Repair . . . . . . $49.99 + parts
Mini Dryer Tune Up . . . . . 27.99 + parts

Additional Blade Shipping Boxes
Divided box with 14 blade slots and packing foam.
PBBB01 - Assembled Shipping Box . . . .$2.99 ea.
PBBB01-50 - Bundle of 50 Unassembled, Unlabeled Boxes . . . .1.99 ea./50

Shear/Clipper Shipping Boxes
Shear box measures 11" x 4" x 2" and can accommodate most all shear sizes.
PBBB02 - Assembled Shipping Box . . . . . $1.99 ea.
PBBB02-25 - Bundle of 25 Unassembled, Unlabeled Boxes . . . .1.49 ea./25