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The Healthy Guide to Grooming

There was a time where the words ‘healthy’ and ‘grooming’ were rarely used in the same sentence. That's because, let's face it- the grooming industry as a whole is a generally UNHEALTHY one! We are constantly trying to master our time booking appointments, bathing, and grooming dogs, checking out clients- ON REPEAT. But, what about YOU? We essentially get lost in the craziness and forget about the greatest asset to keep our businesses running smoothly, which is us- the groomer! And that just simply needs to change.

In 2014, I finally got tired of feeling burnt out at the end of (or even midway though) my day. I was sick of being overweight and lacking confidence. Upon reflection, it didn’t take me long to realize why this was the case. I realized that I was eating tons of fast food, drinking soda or energy drinks daily, snacking on ‘convenient’ things like chips, candy bars or meat sticks. I was skipping breakfast, and sometimes lunch. Dinner would normally be the quickest, easiest thing I could find to shovel into my mouth immediately- because, quite literally, I was starving. My evenings would consist of lounging on the couch watching Netflix and snacking some more until I’d go to bed. Sound familiar?

This is where I decided to break the cycle that consumes our industry and create a Facebook group for others to join me in the quest to start a healthy lifestyle- called The Fit Groomer. From there, I began learning about clean eating, the importance of hydration, self-care, and exercise. Over the course of 6 months, I not only noticed a drastic improvement in my energy levels, sleeping patterns, and overall emotional/ mental wellbeing- I dropped 60 pounds as well. And you know what? It WASN’T as difficult as I thought it was. It just took a little switch to flick off in my brain that I was going to make this work- FOR ME, and I was fully in! It can be just that easy for you too, and I am going to help you learn where to start. Below you will find some of the best healthy groomer hacks to get you started.


Half of your body weight in ounces each day. Dehydration leads to headaches, dizziness, and shakiness- which is not only miserable, but it makes getting through a crazy day of grooming dogs nearly unbearable! Plus, staying hydrated decreases wrinkles and flushes toxins from your body 😉


Be sure to always- and I repeat- ALWAYS, have snacks to grab and eat throughout your day. Essentially, you should be eating every 2-3 hours to keep your energy levels high, and the hangry-ness low. Some ideas for easy snacks are hard boiled eggs, almonds or other nuts, protein bars, protein shakes, sliced fruit and cheese, granola bars, veggies w/ hummus, yogurt w/ berries, a turkey and veggie wrap, etc.


Eating something dense in carbohydrates and protein will keep you energized and feeling full throughout the morning. Think- a slice of whole grain toast with some mashed avocado topped with a sunny side up egg and sprinkled with sea salt! See? Super quick and easy. It doesn’t need to be complicated!


Yep, that's the key to sticking to a physical fitness routine- FUN. So, if you hate running on the treadmill, don’t do it! Try a Zumba class, or hop on your bike and go for a cruise. Try to get active 3-5 times per week.


Ditch the pre-packaged stuff and fuel your body with the food you were born to eat! Not only are processed foods generally filled with unhealthy additives and ingredients, they are also filled with tons of sodium, oils, sugars, and fats your body just cannot process well. This leaves you feeling groggy and sluggish. Find some simple clean eating recipes and enjoy feeling amazing (one of my favorite go-to 20-minute dinners is salmon, quinoa (or cauliflower rice), and sautéed kale).

Overall, these things may sound fairly simple- and that is because they truly ARE! We just get so caught up in the hustle of dogs coming and going that we simply forget to take care of US. Don’t forget that YOU are your biggest asset, and you matter too. Happy grooming friends!

P.S- If you would like some encouragement and support from an entire community of other groomers sharing their healthy lifestyle hacks, head on over to The Fit Groomer group on Facebook and join us!

Amanda Fouche

The Fit Groomer

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, our mission is to take care of people who take care of pets and we want to make sure that we’re taking care of your mind and body too.

Thank you to Amanda Fouche aka @the_fit_groomer for giving us an intro to being a little bit healthier! It doesn’t have to be drastic change but starting with a few small details can make a large difference. We just want to remind you that YOU are your most important asset. You can’t groom dogs and do what you love if your body isn’t there to support you. And vice versa – you have to support your body!

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